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I shouldn’t be writing this from a hospital bed, but due to my lack of forward planning; I am currently typing one handed; like the comedic hot mess I am. As a result I cannot promise for this to be long, or a literacy goldmine but I can promise it is from my heart.

I did not start Letters to Corey for my own benefit; rather for yours, to showcase the beauty, passion and colour that is evident in the world but often overlooked; instead often published are stories of the opposite nature.

This is changing, and it is not just me creating such a change; two artists Charlotte Left-Weatherley and Sam Strong Christmas are two people who endorse the pursuit of colour in the world; through their art; but so much more than that, they give the world colour and make the world better because of their character, the both of them are the kind of people that do not hesitate to help, support and be a friend to you. They have been here for me during this time and I cannot thank them enough for it, the fact that I didn’t lose it on the way to the OR is largely down to the encouragement and supportiveness they gave me.

Art; like writing makes things more clear, brighter I need more of that right now; as does the world; anything that I can do to help them get there art out there; I will do because I believe that they can do so much good; the nurse who just handed me my next round of medications; asked me about what I was writing to which I said “I am writing about people. because every opportunity, is one to do good”

The art above is done by Sam Strong Christmas you can look here for all of his details, webpages and links.

The art below is done by Charlotte Left-Weatherley here is her details, webpage and links

Being here, puts things into perspective and it is not until you hear a kid scream or you yourself scream that you can appreciate the small things that give happiness, art, writing; we must believe in them they’ll pull us through.


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