Moral Collective: Change

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I wrote this collective on morals; to get across four main points.

  • The importance of fortitude
  • The realisation that your actions and morals are evident and therefore influence others
  • The reality that your morals do not have to fit convention and nothing can hinder your successes if it is not allowed to.

And lastly here lies my summing point the importance of development and change within yourself and your beliefs or morals. Because you as a person, are constantly changing, growing and developing this is an incredible thing; but it is also a scary thing.

Our beliefs and our inner selves are like concrete something, we believe to be unbreakable; but as we experience more; grow up. The concrete, cracks, snaps and we are shifted. You’ll realise that what you thought you believed, who you thought we were is not concrete or solid; it is rather you yourself who is unbreakable; concrete and strong, you are  making your way through the journey of finding yourself, through this you will be shifted and challenged but ultimately  find out who you will be, what we will stand for, fight for and where our moral compass will lead; but these discoveries require change. 

When I was twelve I came to an art class aimed at disabled children, up until this time I had avoided those severely disabled; because of immaturity or ignorance, I believed those with severe visible disabilities were not the same as myself. Anyhow I went to the art class, and I was sitting next to a boy the same age as me; he was creating beautiful art, despite limited use of his hands and extensive Cerebral Palsy. It was because of that experience, that my morals changed; my outlook adapted. That art class taught me the ability that all people have no matter what is handed to them, all people can create beautiful things in the face of what could be ugly. One art class, changed what I thought I believed and opened my eyes, I have spent the years since that art class, advocating and explaining to others the importance of believing in everyones merit; not because I always believed this fact, but because I was taught.

Nobody has any idea who they will be, I know it may feel like you need to know or work towards the future you, now.  You do not have to do that, all those years ago; I did not go to that art class with the intention of my ideologies changing, I simply went; and realised the error in my ways, great things are not always what is planned; they are what is realised along the way, your evolution into becoming your future self is not a fast or planned process, it is rather a combination of all the little moments in your life, the times you made someone smile, the times you felt defeated, the times you overcame.

These little moments eventually add up to who you are and that equation incases the morals, that stick with you and encompass who you are.

I got into contact with a friend of mine from primary school we’re sixteen now I last saw him ten years ago I asked him if he remembered I used a chair, he said “yes and I remember you were always laughing” that fact has not changed, come college, come surgery. I have and always will have a wonderfully idiotic, loud laugh. I have and always will use my sense of humour to get through hard times, those are the little moments that cement to me the importance of my laughter and the impression and impact it can make. The morals that matter, there manifestations may adapt or meanings of that moral might change for you, but if they really contribute to making you the person you are; the best version of yourself;  they will stay. As laughter did for me.

Morals are subject to development, because the core of morals is being the best person you can be. Your personal definition of this phrase; what it means to you, will change because as you become more aware of the world and your place in it, your mindsets will change too. It is incredibly important for you to know that this reality is not a negative one, it is simply a reality, no person is 100% who they once were; and that is because all things capable of greatness have to develop to work harder, get better and accomplish more. Development occurs when your realise your errors, successes, failures, corrections and both favourable and unfavourable attributes . It is through awareness of these things and more, that you are able to not only see who you were, but who you want to be; and evolve or change accordingly. To get to be your best person.

Not changing would be like if Kobe Bryant never practiced, do you think he would be the legend he is today if he did not realise the importance of steadfastness, to keep practicing and learning; because he eventually  reached his potential, on the court, through his own morals and mindset he became incredible, able, a legend.  But he is not just the court, that is what he is known for; but he is so much more then one thing, however his entire character is evident with the imprint of being steadfast, because this moral or belief has led and will continue to lead him to greatness, you are not summed up in one moral or belief however the things that really make you tick they will always shine through and continue to help create a spark in you; a spark that pushes you to be your best self, to reach your potential you must keep practicing, keep living and aiming to be your best person.

Change is a mark of greatness, something that allows you to push yourself; do not be afraid of your own changes as they come to you. Because you are the captain of your own ship, nothing else matters except your own course, but it cannot all be mapped out in theory sometimes you just have to sail; and trust that you have the capabilities to get where you want to go and fight, when needed; along the way,


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