The Fighting Back Collective: Words and Labels

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I had a pen when I was little  I was about eleven or twelve when I got it. It had an inscription on the outside “This is the Only Weapon I need” and only now do I realise how true the statement is.

Words I believe are the single most important choice we ever make, they are the basis of all the actions we will come to manifest as well as the North of our Moral Compass. The light leading the way, is words; our own inner self talk, the words of others and our ability to use them in a light which best reflects our future selves.


But as with all things, words can be twisted and void of all meaning; words can be used to hurt and to belittle. In our society, we have this in action; it is the label. It is the only weapon, we need. And it is time it was defeated.

I live under the weight of a label, in fact right now I am waiting for a text and I am beginning to think are they not replying because of me being different. It may seem stupid, but that is my thought process because I have been conditioned through time to believe that, we don’t realise the impact we have when we label each other and ourselves, it is one that doesn’t fade; because everyday I carry the same questions and worries with me, which otherwise would not be there if it weren’t for the need we seem to have to label people, or to take an aspect and assume it meets their personality as a whole. Not only is this a complete untruth it is acop out.

Words and our ability to use them matter more then any action we come to embark on and let me tell you why, what you put out into the world through your character and words will then become your actions. Your words create the intentions and meanings of your actions, so if you throw your words around like weapons or create them hollow and thin; that is what you will become. Watch your mouth.

So, lets talk to you now; the one who is consistently rude at someone for their past mistakes; or who labels individuals.  Firstly, it is not until you yourself have made no mistakes or errors in judgement whatsoever that you, or anyone can be consistently rude and judgemental at someone else. There is no circumstance that will ever allow you to act in a rude way without influence on others or their opinion of you. Unless you have walked on water in a previous life; you have no right to judge or attack anyone, because you have made mistakes too and that is not something anyone should receive negativity for.

Rude people are the ones that remain insecure in their own lives and where they are, and by acting out; they some how seem to think it equals the playing field.

It doesn’t.

It only makes people see you in a light which means that when you need help, when you really need someone around you to understand. Nobody will be there, because you lost out the moment you thought that tearing others down; will build you up. This is fools logic.

This is the logic of someone who rather than seeing, what they can learn from others; sees a singular word, disabled, nerd, harlot. These words are simply masks, insults, singular aspects designed to be turned into hurtful statements; but those who are labeled and hurt; will come to rise up, you may cut me with you words and still I rise. But those who choose to hurt; never go anywhere. Let me ask you something?

If those who are reading this now, are the ones who feed on the labels which eat away others,  have you ever thought about what you are called; have you ever thought about what people say about you, because they witness your actions; the label is a chain effect because

What you feed on bites back; maybe its time you noted that.

I have lived my entire life under this label, for the most part it is one of great opportunity; but when I am teared down because of it, I believe it is simply because that person knows I have the capabilities in spite of everything I face to be made of greatness,  so to the labeled to those who may feel like they have become the product of someone else’s choosing. I believe in you, these are not hollow words; because they are backed up by the intentions of this blog, I write for you. For anyone who feels judged and labeled. 

We are not weak and we are not anything we do not want to be, the truth is people might call you names, but their talking about you and that is because you are worth the time, they know that you carry something aspired by them, whatever it might be; it is apart of their quest to label you, to control you within the bounds of a word; because they know you out measure them, because you threaten who they are and just as it makes you insecure to be labeled, you are labeled because others around you are insecure. Never believe yourself to be that label, it was not created out of truth, it was created out of convenience and insecurity. 

If parts of that label for you are created out of the results or manifestations of your actions, this does not mean you deserve what you get. It means you are human made of mistakes and broken pieces, realisations and beauties and one of the biggest realisations you make will be when you realise the impact your actions have, so act how you want to be perceived; but never let this perception rule you, if you believe your own actions and who you are matches up with who you want to be; then those who believe in you and know you; with your best interest at heart will be there, those who aren’t were not meant to be, you are as you are good enough and beautiful beyond measure.

And I still haven’t got a text back; as much as it is worrying me, for stupid reasons; I have a choice and that is to believe that not all people judge, believe that perhaps he’s busy playing monopoly or something. (she says with no conviction)

Those who label and judge do it because they recognise strength and ability, never believe yourself to be caged in or summed up by anyone else’s vision except your own and most of all know that yes, you will be judged, yes you will make mistakes, but these are the little things which add up to you, someone so beautiful the world cannot handle it, so they must contain it in a word, you are not anything you do not want to be.

Let them talk they’re words will always be hollow.


Yours, The Collective.


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