Joy, Strategy and Resilence: Tools of Adaption

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I know that in the time, it takes me to put on a pair of jeans, most people would be fully dressed. I know that to carry a cup of coffee myself. The cup needs a wide handle and it can’t be too full. I learned these truths through trial and error, adaption and simply because I had too. Just because it takes me at least twenty minutes to put on jeans, doesn’t mean I don’t. I know the reality that things will take me longer or come with unique challenge, I understand that, I have learned that; but I also know that there is no choice; in wether or not you do it, because if I didn’t try and get myself dressed; when I could. If I didn’t carry the tea; how could I face the big stuff, driving, relationships, work, school, rehabilitation;

I left myself no choice; there was no question if I could, there was only I will try and succeed. Until I could do up buttons Occupational Therapists gave me a hook to use, until I could lift the jug of hot water without freaking out, I heated up the tea in the microwave. Because I left myself no choice, I would do it, if it wasn’t the traditional way; it was my way;

Adaption for all people is of the upmost importance, for kids with unique challenges; our parents adapt, and then we do; everyday. From the moment; I first get up in the morning, and I am able to get out of bed, it is because I went to the therapy appointments, and learned how to transfer; because every Saturday as a child; my mum took me to the therapist, she adapted her schedule, we all adapted; to find the best life and opportunities possible; for me despite challenge. Without adaption; you cease. It doesn’t have to be big things, you might just need to adapt to the fact, that you are back at school; work and not on holiday, you might have to adapt to your challenging maths class. Adaption; is key in all things, it is one of the main ingredients toward success; and me personally, I have never not known it, I have had to develop the means to be adaptive; but it has never been a choice; because I left myself no choice.

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So what is adaption and how do you develop it?

Adaption, is knowing that circumstances change and understanding this change may not always be an easy one, but facing it anyway; with an attitude you are proud of and knowing, you can, you will and working to make yourself stronger, adapting is facing; change, hardship or challenge and creating opportunity, bettering yourself, building up not breaking down.

I learned that adaption goes hand in hand with a few other behaviours; each strengthens the resilience of your spirit; enabling you to adapt, adaption is not a behaviour that can be done in sadness or resentment, it must be achieved with realism and it thrives within you, if you are reading this and thinking ‘life is pretty sweet and adaption doesn’t apply to me’ well I am here to tell you; that may be true, but adaption does not just apply to tangible things, it applies to your inner self, there will come a time; of adaption for you,  life isn’t built of sweet cotton candy circumstance, forever. Adaption of spirit is the ability to see cotton candy, when you could see doom and gloom. To adapt to physical and tangible things you must also adapt in spirit, and even if you don’t have to now; you will. Sometime and this, will be here for that; for when you need it, the tools remain the same.

“As you grow up and you come into the world that has all sorts of things in it, money, crime, betrayal, you realise the only thing you have is what you make” – Joy (Jennifer Lawrence)

Joy, is the first tool, in the development of adaption; if all we have is what we make, we must create  and adapt with the presence of joy in all we do; adaption comes with times of frustration, anger, sadness; but the ability to find even a tiny bit of joy; will build you up and give you a boost, it is not just about adapting, but it is about doing it with a smile, or with the understanding that hardship is temporary; walk into that new school, adapt to your circumstances; with joy. All you have is what you make, and there may be times, when you are overwhelmed and feel like you cannot; adapt or do what you are setting out to, in these times; remember that joy is within you, a constant. You may not be able to show it, when things are really hard; you smiling or laughing and expressions of joy, might cease. But remember, joy is the sun; joy is light and it is within you, even in times you don’t express it; joy is within those around you, you see it in the eyes of children or in a cup of tea; in times of adaption, when joy seems lost, surround yourself; with small things that remind you of joy and its presence within you. Before long, you will see; the ability joy has in the quest for adaption and the ability adaption has, in the quest for joy within you. All we have is what we make; make tea, make cupcakes, make the effort with friends; find joy outside of yourself, before long; hardship and adaption will be a stepping stone in the development of joy, within yourself. You will smile, you will laugh, you adapt with joy.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do” – Michael Porter

Adaption is strategising, I learned how to carry my tea while pushing my chair, and I did that because I tried every other way, until I found the right way. I learned what not to do, chose those options first and then developed a strategy around, what I could do, the best way for me and adapted with that strategy.

Choosing what not to do, does not mean choosing the worse option; or doing bad things. Choosing what not to do, is the essence of strategy because in order to create and develop a strategy which works, you must do what you shouldn’t first; and learn from that. The development of strategy is important to adaption, because you may not be able to do something the same way as others and in order to still meet your aspirations and do what you wish too, you’ll need a strategy or plan to get there, strategies are unique person to person; but having a strategy that works for you, will enable you to find success; and resilience. I cannot tell you, a strategy that is full proof; as I said they are unique, I transfer, walk and adapt through my own strategy; different to that of my peers, but derived from the same understanding; which is choosing to try, and not being afraid of failing; it is knowing that you might fall, but learning to catch yourself; the development of strategy enables you to adapt, because you realise; that trying and failing, brings you another step closer to developing a strategy that works for you; to become who you want to be no matter anything, strategies bring you success and enable you to adapt but still do what you choose. It doesn’t matter the way something is done. It just matters that it is done.

“I left myself no option because it was my choice; I have to believe that I can” – Letters to Corey

Self belief and resilience cannot be articulated, nor explained in order to be developed all I can tell you, is that resilience is within you and at some point in order to adapt, you must find it; I have never left myself a choice, it was I can; it will always be I can. That is because of my own spirit, but it is also because I have chosen to learn from every hardship; learn about positivity, my own self and others, I have learned that to be my best self. I must surround myself with those whom make me feel like I can do anything, I must think of my role models; when I feel like giving up, who do you look up to? What would they do? Sometimes resilience comes from the knowledge that the world isn’t about you, singularly but your ability to contribute to a collective and learn and grow, with hardship and through adaption.

Adaption, is resilience, joy and strategy off the page words in action, tools for you; and when you need them, they be here; words to put into action.

Seek Higher x 


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