Perseverance and Adaption

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Where I’m from adaption isn’t new, ever since I was a kid, it was something I did, with no consciousness of ever doing it. It is one thing to adapt, it is another to persevere; the difference you ask. Well..

Adaption is the process of learning that you need to do something differently, perseverance is doing what you’ve adapted with positivity and facing the obstacles you have, without letting the difficulties effect who you are, or where you want to be.

Let me give you an example, theres a person at rehabilitation; we’ve become good friends, when you’re in a room waiting for two hours, you tend to strike up some sort of conversation, ours was about giant turtles, however; this person he has worked out a way, to get water into a cup using one hand, and I watched him the other day, thinking how annoying it must be, to have to do that, but he never complained or gave any sign that he was annoyed, that same demeanour is carried through every single child at the centre and it is an amazing one.

For most of us we learned to adapt early, but persevering that was harder; because to remain positive in the face of your adaption, is not an easy task for anyone. Take climbing a couple of stairs, most people just hop up them, but I have to plan every single movement, know where my hands will go, before I even stand up, I have to make sure everyone behind me knows it will take me longer.

This adaption is one I learned I had to make, many years ago. But I struggle to persevere, on stairs sometimes, because I wish I didn’t have to plan, tell everyone behind me to go first. I wish at times, it was easier, because there is only two stairs.

I adapted, but I am still learning to persevere and remain positive because of that fact, I would be lying if I said it was easy and you ask me how I do this, how I keep persevering, it is because of that person, who is also in the gym, she never gives up either, neither does the boy.

You adapted because You had too, you persevere because you choose too.

We will all have to adapt in our lives that is a given, at some point we will also have to persevere through out our lives so here are three tips. To help you do this, because I still have lots of adapting and challenges to persevere through, I always will. But on the day, when I am overseas, when I am helping who I want to help and contributing to ministry, that will be the day I say, I made it. I know I am strong enough to make it to that day, and you are strong enough, because we are an active ministry, and all great actions require some adaption and perseverance, these tips are here to support you in that. Because you’ll make it. We all will.

  1. Put things in perspective – you are not alone, and what may seem like a big deal to you and what may seem to be really challenging, could in fact be the opposite. When you step out of that bubble and see those around you and people in wider society, you’ll realise how good you have it and how lucky you are. Perspective creates a stronger sense of what it means to persevere and the moment you get stuck within yourself and your issues, pop the bubble – find perspective and persevere in positivity.
  2. Surround yourself with motivated and aware people – I said I wanted to go overseas, I wanted to do ministry and help people, I have so much I want to do and I know each of these things will require adaption and perseverance, but because of the motivated people I have surrounded myself with, because of the people I choose to learn from and be influenced by, I know I am strong enough – be sure you surround yourself with positive people, people who challenge you, but will also be your cheerleaders and passionate about supporting you, it is these people who will push you to keep going, when you could stop. It is these people who will keep a smile on your face, believe in them and in yourself.
  3. Understand that people won’t understand – Just as there will be people who support you, there will be those who don’t get it, who don’t get what your aspirations mean to you, and don’t want to help you, the reasons for this logic are lost on me, however it is true, some people, in fact it often feels like the majority won’t be around to help you persevere, or understand what it means to adapt. When this happens, don’t fight their logic, strengthen your aspirations, and when you do adapt and meet them, when your perseverance pays off, you’ll know that nothing stopped you, because you were strong enough, you are strong enough. Every person has value and purpose, you define yours, don’t let anyone say otherwise and if you believe it, and are willing to make it happen it will, the people who don’t understand, are just another obstacle, you have to adapt too, but never stop encouraging others, some people aren’t understanding, because nobody ever was this way to them, so be understanding and show compassion, to all people no matter what. You have the power to choose how you act.


Go out and persevere create that ministry and be active, every action matters and every challenge and obstacle, is just another story to tell, be proud of who you are and where you are, adapt and persevere because you are capable of such great things, don’t let them tell you otherwise, use these tips to help you on your journey to seek higher!

Love X 


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