Remember when we tried to get to the middle of nowhere

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Spoiler : this blog post has nothing to do with Parakai (which is a place in New Zealand) and we don’t get there. 

So this one time I had a bright idea of trying to get from one side of Auckland to another via our public transport system, it was a bright idea, which vastly darkened, very quickly.

However the idea was still bright, because it gave me an idea for this here blog post.

I want to talk about the word Travel.

As a person, who uses a wheelchair it is really hard to get around sometimes, I am very lucky as to have a-m-a-z-i-n-g friends (who volunteer to carry me up hills, go to Ponsonby with me, think its possible to go camping in a forest which it is) but often I wonder if it will ever be possible, for me to go places completely alone.

I know it will be possible in the future, I just have a lot to sort out with my wheelchair, my gate and posture, I do need help at the moment, but I will not always need help I 100% believe that and will fight to make it a reality.

For me to travel even to get coffee a lot of thinking has to go into everything, even how I get in and out of the car,  I cannot just hop in. I move differently, so I have to think about, how I will do everything and what I need to do; this isn’t something that is annoying or a burden. It is simply the truth, I have to think more about everything, because I am different. In terms of travel, this means more thought will go into everything, I want to do it alone, go overseas alone eventually, but I might have to be okay with needing some help, that is the reality. I might always need some help.

It was not because of myself, that I did not get out to Parakai. It was thanks to the Auckland Transport system – why? That is my only question, why do you do a full loop? But really I should be thanking the A.T.S because it got me thinking about Travel and then this post. (woo for organic content)

You see… I have explained to you that I may need help when traveling not just overseas but anywhere, this might be different for you, you may not roll-like-i-do so if you’re the able bodied percentage of society.

You’re probably thinking what does this have to do with me?

Well ladies and gents let me tell ya. 

It wasn’t me/my friends/my wheelchair-ness fault that the buses to Parakai take longer then a journey to Mecca, the system was unreliable.

You do not have control over everything, sometimes when you’re doing things or wanting to do things, variables pop up that you cannot control, any person will need help then, in terms of travelling or anytime you are alone.

What I want you to know, is that you will at times need help, you will not be able to control everything and in these times when you need help, don’t be afraid to ask or think less of yourself.

Because everyone, needs someone at sometime

And I am being completely honest, in saying to you, that I can’t do up buttons, so someone else does my school shirt up for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying, because even if at 25 I am asking my husband (apparently I am married by 25) to do up my shirt, I’ll know I tried and be okay with asking for help, if I can’t do it. Because sometimes you have to ask yourself, what’s more important asking for help if you can’t do up your shirt or being 40 minutes late for work because you are too stubborn to ask for help.

Everything has a flow on effect, so ask for help when you need it, be prepared to adapt because you DO NOT control everything.

You have to be okay with asking for help at times, because you will need too.

Travel, to coffee shops, yurts in Australia (if they have yurts) but also be prepared to know that you will need help, know that you can ask for it.

And this here blog post is dedicated to my beautiful friend Ciara, who although harbouring anger toward bus systems, still manages to be joyful and helpful 100% of the time. I love you and cannot wait to see you.  (We might get there) 

Also to Sam Christmas, I’ll help you if you end up stuck in a yurt, unless there is stairs into the yurt, then we’re stuffed.

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