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I cannot remember how I met my best friend three years ago, some might say that isn’t the best-friend-like thing to do. But I have so many good memories with Ciara, they all kind of collage together in this colourful, incredible three years. 

However I do have some favourite memories with her, hard to pick actually because everything I ever do with her, is memorable in it’s own way, but this one memory we shall be blogging of today…

Again I can’t exactly remember when it was, but I can remember making brownies. You see me and Ciara, we make jokes about everything, one of our joke sources being my wheelchair-ness I honestly believe laughing about it, in a constructive way makes your skin thicker and your smile that much more brighter. So when I met one of her families friends and started making brownies, with both him and Ciara, obviously wheelchair jokes were stand-ard (get it stand), because that is what we did. In laughing we made less of a deal out of this one circumstance. This family friend however, had never met me, didn’t know of my sense of humour, so like anyone, he wondered if he should laugh, when Ciara and I began bantering back and forth. 

Fast forward to now, he doesn’t just laugh at the banter, he is the banter.


For this blog post, I want to go back to why this blog started, that was to show what we could do as individuals, I began writing because I wanted to break down the limits we put on ourselves. Every individual is able, every individual has purpose, can do whatever they set their mind too. That is what I believe, is what this blog manifests.

However, in truth, they’re some things I think I’ll never do. Example, Marathon. Which I am happy not doing by the way, running seems like a lot of work. But today, adaptively I did one of the things, I thought I’d never do.

Climb a hill.

That may seem small to you, you’re probably thinking “such a small action, what weight does it hold” well lemme hit ya with some science, every big thing is made up of atoms right? A bunch of small things, so really that means that every little thing, adds to who we are as people, the product, the end result.

This was a small action, an atom if you will but in conjunction with every other great memory, it makes me, me. 

I cannot tell you how much this one small action meant. The reasoning it means so much is two parted.

Firstly because I rarely do things like this, I don’t think about it often, but things like walking up hill, climbing (and being in company of people whilst doing these things) are awesome and having the opportunity to do such things, is not one I take for granted by any means.

The fact that I cannot do things like I did today, all the time makes it all the more rad and rare.

So that leads onto my second point.

To have a person carry me, without annoyance, up hills and around forests, to have a person or people make every effort to include me, is something that makes me tear up. Because usually, I have to justify my normal-ness to people (I say normal but I am a chick who knows more random animal facts then she does math equations) I never did with either of these two people, they just got it. 

Let me paint ya a picture

I’ve been carried up, now he is walking down carrying me now, takes break halfway (because you know I way like 45kgs) and he yells out to my friend Ciara “We’re just taking a break, We’re tired from walking”

What followed from that sentence was stunning banter, because how could I be tired, I was being carried.

However what it shows is that this person, didn’t think I was any different to him (he could of just said it for the banter but even so winning!!) he included me and when you spend a long time, fighting for inclusion, when you know that at some point every day, you’ll have to fight for it, being included, in a sentence, means a lot more then describable.

Even if I almost got cow poo/sheep poo on me an accumulation of at least ten times, it was one of the best days I have had in a long time, it made me realise that the last six months were worth it, that much more, because they led me to this point and allowed me to be stable on my feet to stand if I needed too, three months in casts for a day climbing a hill, worth everything, every little bit of effort I had to put in.

Every so often, you meet people, who make every bit of effort, worth it, because you want to be around, to cheer-lead (get it chair lead) for the amazing people they are and will be. Every person I was with today was like that for me, I will put in the effort and fight to get to a place, where I can drive to see them, fly to them (in a plane don’t worry no Red Bull here) and watch them do incredible things.

These were  two people, who waited for me to Facebook message them back from a hospital bed, even though it took me donkeys years, since I was one handed. What I am saying is they have been and are there for me, and I do not take that for granted. I will do the same for them, even if it might come with a few more challenges to do so.

So I guess what I am telling you is simple. Fight. Climb. Banter, don’t be afraid to laugh and enjoy your life in diversity and colour.

And what I am telling the two people, on this adventure with me today (one I have not named because I didn’t get permission in case you wondered) is thank you. You’re kick ass, in the best way. I am still great, even though my kicking skills are developing still.


P.S we did take selfies at the top of the hill in case you wondered, because it doesn’t happen that often




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