Cold water: Balancing reality and your dreams

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There is a song currently number one on New Zealand’s top 40. Yeah I know, I am just that mainstream. However in all seriousness, the song talks about each of us not letting go, about having a lifeline and holding on to whatever it is we need too.

With that in mind, I started thinking about cold water. For me cold water is a symbol of waking up. It is something that jolts you, something we don’t necessarily like and it is also our first option, you turn on the tap. The water is cold first.

Reality is a lot like cold water, it is our first option; there is no choice, we must pay taxes, we must get up in the morning. Reality is something we don’t necessarily like, you might not want to go to that 8 am lecture; reality is something that jolts us, it is not always nice to us.

But cold water is cold water and eventually you get used to it, in summer you love it and it will always be there. Just as at times we love reality and we will always have it so we need to get used to it.

The question is where do our dreams fit into the cold water or into our reality? Because they’re just as important.

I am not talking, sitting in your lecture hall dreaming of it raining sprinkles.

I am talking sitting in your lecture hall, doing your reality and focusing on that, but coming out of there and still having time for a hobby, for something you love and actively working toward whatever that is.

Your dreams are not things you must do, they’re not cold water or reality but just something you want to do. 

Because you can and should do things just because you love them, you might have realities that you have to do, but you can make time for your dreams among reality.

You’re reading this and thinking, “I have no free time, I don’t know what she’s talking about how can we make time?”

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have this friend I am not going to name him for the simple reason that he could be any one of you and he shows that, we all can make time for our dreams among cold water.

I used to be the busiest person I knew, but now he’s the busiest person I know.

We’ve been trying to work out a time to have coffee for at least a month, but when he’s free I am busy and when I am busy he’s free, we’re both always chasing something. That’s the thing, this person isn’t busy because he has to work, which he does. He isn’t busy because he has to study, even though he studies full time.

He’s busy because after finishing his cold water, his study and work; he’s actively working toward his dreams. Whether that be in photography or in music and design, he’s doing something little each day for that ideal, for what he loves and that is why he is busy.

When he stops chasing his reality, he is chasing his dreams.

Of course he has a break every now and then because he talks to me about my dreams and cold water or what I chased that day.

Whether that is a break for him or more work is a question you’d probably have to ask him. I tend to get more energetic after 7pm. (Third coffee) I really look up to this person, mostly because I am hoping he will build me a plane after his engineering degree.

He shows the take away point of this post; if we do little things each day toward our dreams, we’ll be chasing them before we know it because cold water and our dreams can work together. If you like our dreams can be ice to the water.


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Remember take a break for yourself every now and then and don’t relent on your dreams, because the moment we stop reaching for the stars, we shine that little bit less and we are meant to shine.

This person I told you about, he’ll be successful because he isn’t trying to take over the world at once. He’s chipping away at the future he wants and he’s not neglecting his cold water, because reality will always be there and we cannot change it we must create from it.

So go do that. Have some cold water and some ice too. Dream.


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