I'm not there yet

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I’m not there yet, plain and simple. You’re probably thinking where is there, well it’s not a country, or a place you can actually pack up and travel too.

“There” is more of a mindset then a destination, for me getting there is getting to a place where you are confident in who you are, where you are content. Some days I think I am there, when I secure a business deal or write a post that I am proud of, I get to that place of confidence and am “there.”

For some reason something as simple as someone not replying to a text message I sent, or something as little as one thought of “am I good enough?” Can knock away all that confidence, I am not there anymore.

In my logical brain I know that someone isn’t replying to my text yet because they’re busy, working, knitting, drinking coffee or studying, there is a reason. In my other brain (the non logical one) my first thought is “see they don’t want to talk to you” or “you’re so annoying to them” or “you’re not good enough to ask this” and I am probably not the only one who thinks these things or has these thoughts of self doubt, but not many people verbalise them.

Or verbalise the simple truth, that nobody is truly “there” all the time.

We all doubt ourselves and questions ourselves or internally freak out at times. Our confidence gets knocked, but it can always be rebuilt and that rebuild doesn’t take too long because you are stronger then you think. I said I am not there yet, but I have to try and be there, I have to believe in myself and in Letters to Corey’s team because there shouldn’t be a day when the two of them ever feel lacking in confidence or value. I want to empower them and encourage them, so I need to do those things for me too.

You have to practice what you preach, if you’re not there then go on Instagram, find an inspirational quote and repeat it, again and again until you believe the words enough to put them into action, so you can try and get there. Even when you don’t feel like it. Because truly there are so many things that I do and my first thought is “I can’t” or “I’m stupid” but I have to do those things.

Negative thoughts are just barriers from the reality that no person has limits, all limits are self directed and imposed. You choose if you are there and when you get there. Everyday.

So yes, they didn’t reply to your text (don’t worry about it) and yes that is going to be difficult for you to do but so what. The realities that shake us, don’t change. What changes is your ability to go from strength to strength and find the truth that you can get there and when you’re not there, you’re not alone.

I’ll get there.



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