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Eating healthy or ‘clean eating’ can be hard, especially when the food tastes like cardboard. so here are some of my healthy recipes which I have found that

1. Actually taste pretty good


2. You can make using vegan or veggie ingredients for all of our plant based eaters out there.

Last night I was (trying to) make a feast for my partner, Curtis. Our wedding is coming up my partner’s fine I mean guys have it easy all you do is put a whole suit on and you’re ready to roll – but for me I have to squeeze into a show all figure hugging dress – why I did this to myself I’ll never know.

So because of this, our recipe today is kind on your wallet and waistline. Here is my Mediterranean chicken/veggie sausage/ tofu smash

Step one:

Cauli Rice

Okay now I used cauli rice as my base underneath the veggies – you could use regular rice or brown rice if you wanted. BUT if you want to use cauli rice here is how to make it.

1. Cut up a medium sized cauliflower.

2. Place florets in a blender and blend into rice or cous cous sized bits.

3. Fry the rice in a frying pan with a small teaspoon of olive oil till its slightly browned, then pop into a bowl, let cool. When cool add a small handful of each freshly chopped herb. Coriander, mint, basil and then some spring onions mix around and add salt and pepper to taste.

Veggie Smash

Okay for this part I put the oven on fan grill at 180 degrees our oven has the power of a turtled powered power system sooooo yours might not need to be that hot.

I laid on the bottom of a dish corgette strips (so you cut them long ways) and layed the bottom of the dish, then added cut up capsicums (different colours x2) then added four cloves of garlic smashed, then red onions in rounds and Poured half a can of watties Italian crushed tomatoes on top and covered the veggies with them.

Lastly I added five tablespoons of light cottage cheese on top (it actually goes stringy) put under the grill until the cheese has melted or the veggies are chargrilled ( for my veggie mates or lacto intolero you don’t have to add the cheese it’s still yum without it).

Protein Source

I made some grilled free range chicken breast to go on top of mine, and Curtis is veggie so I cooked him up some of the sanitarium nutmeat to go on top of his, this is an epic protein source for a meat alternative!

To assemble I popped down the cauli rice first, and then stacked the oven roasted veggies on top and then my chicken/ Curts nutmeat and Tadaaaa!

Give it a go folks and let me know what you think.


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