Reasons to Stay alive: Kissing, Reading, Music, Writing, Breathing & Moon Turtle

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“How to stop time: kiss.
How to travel in time: read.
How to escape time: music.
How to feel time: write.
How to release time: breathe.”

– Matt Haig / Reasons to Stay Alive

If we were to use Matt Haig’s quote above to measure our feats and experiences with the concept of time, what would we each say?

If you’ve kissed, you’d say that you have stopped time. If you have read, then like Henry De Tamble in the Time Travellers Wife you will have time travelled.

By following this format, you will have also escaped time with music, felt time by writing and released time by breathing.

I myself if I was following Matt’s format am yet to stop time, however I have frequented all of his other concepts in relation to time. I have read, listened to music – breathed and perhaps most importantly I have written.

This concept of time as described by Matt is powerful because it challenges us to stop and think about where we are in each moment, what we are doing and how we are spending our time.

Are we stopping, travelling, escaping or releasing time – on the flip side maybe we are doing something we shouldn’t be, involving ourselves in activities that we know don’t suit us, help us, or maybe we are spending our time with people we know aren’t good for us, or maybe we need people to spend our time with. Matt Haig’s quote allows us to think about time.

In relation to real things: music, laughter, kissing =  time.

Something that does this same thing for us, something that allows us to think about time and how we are spending it is the 21 day Moon Turtle: Mood Journal.

This product developed by two young (and incredible) women, one from Wellington (who is the gorgeous lass in the photo with me that you may have seen clicking on this post) and the other Auckland (this lass I am yet to meet but hope to asap!) is designed to help you keep yourself on track by monitoring your mood, thoughts and behaviours – by you doing this with the help of the journal, it is the intention of Moon Turtle that you are guided toward maintaining your mental health.

The Moon Turtle journal has a clean and easy to follow layout which you fill in for 21 days (and longer if you want you’ll just need another journal – you could start a collection of them!)

Each day asks you questions like: what was your sleep quality like? Did you manage to laugh today? These simple questions filled out by you, mean that you are constantly monitoring how you are feeling and what you’re thinking – by doing this you are giving your best efforts toward staying balanced.

The days in the Moon Turtle journal are divided into both a morning and an evening check in, so you can fill it out over your morning eggs n toast n coffee as well as fill it out over your nightly hot chocolate – by doing it at both these times you are able to both anticipate and reflect on your days.


The journal also features neat spots for you to write down things you are grateful for, your achievements and it even has a spot in the beginning where you can write down a little message for yourself to read in times when you might be feeling gloomy. This makes Moon Turtle the perfect-o possession to carry around in your bag or back pocket so you have something to pull out, should you need encouragement.

I personally really enjoyed my 21 Moon Turtle days it really made me realise the impact of my thoughts (yay for #selflove) and think about the ways I was spending my time. I also realised that I needed more sleep (eep) but most of all the Moon Turtle journal got me pondering mental health, mental health is not something I have struggled with – but the journal really opened my eyes to the need there is to develop practical and accessible solutions so that we can firstly prevent mental health issues, but also (and arguably more importantly) give people the tools to heal should they struggle with their mental health.

The Moon Turtle journal was designed with your (maintained positive) mental health in mind, it is something that everyone should have in their rooms, bags, in the third draw down because it really does help you stay balanced – because everyone will topple over every now and then – but we can pull ourselves up, Moon Turtle helps with that and so does music, laughter, kissing, breathing; time.






  1. Erin
    February 28, 2017 / 3:05 pm

    OH, I could definitely use that! Do they ship to the US? 🙂

    • Grace
      February 28, 2017 / 8:30 pm

      Yes they sure do Erin! Just go to their website!

      Make sure to subscribe to Letters to Corey xo

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