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As a writer my first response when I interview someone is to look at their responses like a puzzle. You look at the words they have said to you in response to your questions and craft from them, your first response is to create something from what has been given to you. The angle develops, the words take on a shape and then… Then you have a story. 

However, our error as writers is often that we create the story, from what we have been told. Rather than letting what we have been told,  create the story. Letters to Corey’s new series is a verbatim Q and A session, the story is in your hands now, in its rawest form.

 Do with it what you will.  

Can you sum yourself up in a couple of sentences…

To sum myself up in a couple of sentences I would definitely say that I’m a guy who doesn’t sit around and wait for opportunities to come to me. I seize every opportunity that I am able to get my hands on and do the absolute best I can! Challenges are a thrill for me because I love coming out the other end saying that I’ve accomplished that and just enjoying the moment. Helping people is another enjoyment of mine just where I can because seeing them smile makes me happy.

What were your teenage years like for you…..

My teenage years were pretty good for myself although I didn’t excel in high school I went through these years with a close group of friends who I got to play sports beside. Having my parents live on the coast I was able to enjoy both sides of the fence where I could be amongst the fresh air on the weekends while living in Hamilton for high school.

How has your perception of the world, and of yourself, changed since your accident…

For myself personally I found closure in my accident quit early in my hospital days [these days] found me thinking that helping people where I could was important and also just living life and loving every second I have because life can change in a matter of seconds. What drives me is trying to be the best I can in every opportunity I can grasp, having my family, friends and girlfriends right beside me also give me the drive to prove to them that nothing stops me from accomplishing what I can if I try.

What advice would you give people who are dealing with a massive change in their lives…

No matter what the change is no matter how much it has affected your lives all I can say is try to not focus on it but to look forward because if you sit around then nothing will happen but if you look towards what you can accomplish in the future then you’ll start to live life and love it.

Who or what inspires you…

What inspires me is just seeing other people in similar situations as myself doing extraordinary things!

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