I did the Fresh Pressed 7 Day Challenge here’s what happened

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Over the last 7 days I have used Clinique’s newest product. #FreshPressed

I made a little black and white video explaining how I went about using the product

Now that you’ve watched the little video and you know how to use the product, let me anticipate some of the questions you might have about #FreshPressed and answer them, while also telling you my thoughts on the difference the product made for my skin (in just one weeks use)

The first question I can think of you having is… Does it really work and how does it make your skin feel? My answer to that is yes! Fresh Pressed in seven days made my skin feel more plump, rejuvenated and cleared up some spots on my skin. I did still use a moisturiser, but you can supplement your moisturiser for the #FreshPressed product (according to the instructions in the product box) I didn’t do this as I love the Pep-Start moisturiser and have gotten in the swing of using it – so I just continued to do this.

Sidenote: When I say “you can supplement your moisturiser for the #FreshPressed product” I am not talking about supplementing with the sachet product I am saying that the #FreshPressed ‘press product’ (the product you use after the sachet) can substitute for a moisturiser (if you like)

Another question I’d have if I were you and thinking about potentially buying 7 days of #FreshPressed is… Is it easy to use?

The instructions included in the Fresh Pressed product kit – which is a seven day kit – are super easy to follow and they also have instructions online at Clinique’s website which you can follow if you prefer tech to paper. #FreshPressed is easy to use – as I said and it is also a fun product, it’s something you can put on in the morning while rocking out to Mura Masa – and any product which allows a dance, is a worthy product.

One sidenote though from a disability perspective, if you do have CP like I do – you might find it a little hard to open the sachets – it may have just been my long nails – but I did take a little while to learn to open the sachet. By the third or fourth day of 7, I was opening the sachets super fast, so as usual it’s just a CP muscle memory thing. No reflection on the product I just thought I’d let my homies know.


If you have any other questions about #FreshPressed send them to me over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and thank you so much to Clinique for allowing me to use your product, I will be buying another weeks worth (and more Pep-Start moisturiser)

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