The rise of Sabrina Brunton

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I go to a college with about 800 other young, beautiful and confident young women. Sabrina Brunton is one of them. I first really met her in my Science class, I think it is fair to say we both didn’t love science, we socialised in different circles, but her and I would always share a smile, perhaps a laugh at home much we really didn’t like science (at all)

Sabrina is one of those woman who was just lovely, she always makes you feel like you are being listened to, she is kind to you and for all those reasons she captures your attention.

The fact that she is gorgeous, that’s icing on the cake, but you notice it for sure, how gorgeous she is; effortlessly beautiful, externally yes, but internally even more so.

It seems I am not the only one who realises how beautiful Sabrina is, because she has succeeded in modelling for campaigns and designers such as Jessica Bridal and one of New Zealand’s hall of famers, Trelise Cooper.

It was not Sabrina herself who told me about her successes, due to my own work with Letters to Corey, I stumbled across pictures of her; you see Sabrina is the last person who would hype herself and a big part of New Zealand’s culture is to play down our successes through fear of the “tall poppy” we are a modest bunch us New Zealander’s

I can’t speak for Sabrina, but when I started finding success within this field, I was and still am at times hesitant to share that with people, modesty is important, but I am learning to be proud and to share my achievements, we should all do that, being proud of ourselves, does not mean we are without modesty, it just means we are passionate and love what we do.

There will always be people who are not ready to be happy for us when we succeed, or people who do not support us and those people are often like that either because they are jealous or because they have a void in their own lives which they fill with mean behaviours, as long as we do it with kindness each of us always have a right to share with others our achievements, those in our lives who we spend time with will be proud of us and want to see us succeed, they will want to hear about our feats. And those who try to cut us down they can make us hungrier for the success that we want to find.

Remember we do not need to make ourselves smaller for the sake of others, but we do need to be kind, these two mindsets mutually exist. I promise.

Do not be afraid of success.

My beautiful friend Sabrina I have no doubt that she will continue to find success and I am so proud of her, in our own way we’re all meant to rise  – and applaud each other as we do.

Here’s to Sabrina.

If you’d like to follow Sabrina’s modelling career you can find her on Instagram search Sabrina Brunton

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