A Mini Series with Millie Elder-Holmes: Part Two | Thailand in November & watching Riverdale

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In Part Two of our Mini Series with Millie Elder-Holmes, Grace and Millie talk about Moana, Thailand and how to rid yourself of negative energy

What about retreats do you enjoy – and why would you recommend them to


I have never done a retreat in my life I was never really into that

sort of thing until I got a bit older, and now I research them a lot,

I will be hosting my first ever retreat in Thailand this November, so

that’s super exciting, we have a nice group of women coming a long

and some extra spaces still open so I’m really looking forward to


What do you do to chill out when you’re feeling stressed?

Usually if I’m very stressed I sleep, but if something is stressing

me so much and my mind is too busy to sleep I need to either cook or

doing something with my hands. Usually I just cook, cooking has been a

huge asset for me in my life, and for me it’s extremely therapeutic.

Do you have a book or movie you like to watch/read to calm down and

have some time to yourself, if so what is that movie or book?

I don’t usually use books or movies to calm down, but when I was

trying to get over my jet lag the past few days I have spent a lot of

time on Netflix, I’ve been enjoying Riverdale, and Reign, and

Vikings, and I also love Disney kid’s movies, Moana was next level


How would you define wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a balance between your mental, emotional and physical

wellbeing facilitates and customised by you as an individual, is the

place where you feel in touch with your self, where you actively look

out and care for yourself in all aspects of life in an active way on a

daily basis, I know this sounds like a lot of daily work but it

actually comes naturally to all of us.

You simply need to be aware of

the things that do not add to your life and cull them.

What else do you do to positively effect your wellbeing?

I am extremely ruthless with my self when it comes to negative

thinking, obviously I’m not a Zen master and sometimes my emotions

get the best of me but my biggest accomplishment towards my wellbeing

is understanding others and that when they are nasty and negative to

you this is nothing to do with you but 100% to do with them, my

current mantra is “hurt people hurt people” you need to understand

that you are not for everyone, and that ok. But also just because some

one is different than you or sees things a certain way doesn’t mean

your wrong and they are right, I think as a whole we need to be more

humanitarian minded.

Tune in next week for More From Millie


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