A Mini Series with Millie: The Last Part | Friendships and homemade Matcha Tea.

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In the last part of our four part series with Millie Elder-Holmes, we talk friendships and homemade matcha tea.

What advice would you give someone, as the strong and rad woman that

you are, who is struggling with their friendships at the moment?

That’s extremely hard you would need to know exactly what the

struggle was, but I have had a lot of negative or fake friendships and

the sooner you cut them the better. However, with my other friendship,

they need no work we can go months without talking and then when we

do speak its like no time has passed, I like having friends who

understand me and how I am.

What activities do you love doing with your friends and family?

That depends on who I’m with, I have such a crazy group of friends

and family, but just being with them and spending time is the most

valuable I don’t really care what we are doing as long as we are


What is one thing that you’ve learned from a bad or unhealthy


That people can be so so sneaky, and envious, there are some people

out there who for whatever reason do not know how to have healthy

relationships, it’s on you to recognise these people and keep them out

of your life.

What is one thing that you think a positive friendship should have?

I think your friends should inspire and support you, understand and

encourage you, they should be like family, you should be able to be

open and raw and honest without judgment, you should never have to be

sneaky or feel ashamed with your friends. however, people like this

are so hard to find I have literally one person in my life like this.

Would you rather spend your Sunday afternoon having coffee’s or

ice-cream with your girlfriends?

I would spend my Sunday afternoon doing neither, I’d be at a market

somewhere gathering ingredients, then pop home to make myself and

amazing breakfast followed by a homemade matcha tea. And then maybe a

movie with my partner.


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