An open letter to Rebecca Keil of Rocky and Ruby

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Dear Rebecca

I should most probably preface this letter by saying: THIS IS A POSITIVE PUBLICATION

I’m pretty sure if someone wrote me an open letter and published it on the internet I would be slightly worried that some internet troll had got a bit too excited, but I promise you. This is a positive letter.

Rebecca, you were one of the first ‘influencers’ I followed – as a naive 16-year-old, with a computer, the ability to string words together, and a dream.

Now almost two years later after rehabilitation from a surgery, building a following, one rebrand – a slightly broken heart – and countless school assessments.

You’re still there, making content, being epic and inspiring me to keep going – thank you for that.

Even though we have a completely different basis of blogging I always love and appreciate the honesty you show in whatever situation you’re in and the humour you constantly provide because that humour isn’t just LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY it is also heart warming.

You, even though you probably don’t intend to – renew every one of your follower’s faith in integrity, because you’re honest and unapologetically who you are. We can all take a leaf from your book because of this.

I said you were there through a slightly broken heart, this might have been an exaggeration, but when I found out that someone I likedĀ had a girlfriend, well I was upset – but eventually, I thought

I shouldn’t be upset, I should pick myself up – and make something of this, and I can make it funny but honest – I thought, – I can rock this and I can keep going – and you Rebecca, are one of the reasons I was able to think this way.

As I’ve grown it has been a joy to get to know you both through your blog and as a person. Seeing you succeed empowers all of us to succeed and I can only speak for myself, but I love being able to celebrate your successes with you – so thank you for sharing your life with us.

I hope the people who follow my story online get happiness, authenticity and laughter as you give me. Chur for that.

I cannot wait to see the beautiful young people that your kids will no doubt turn into and if my content can work to inspire them as teenagers (hopefully I am still around then) and make them laugh then that will be a great privilege.

We’re working in a saturated market, there are many influencers all with many stories to give – but following your story Rebecca, it is a great joy.

Here’s to you Bex.

I’m guessing that most of you here already follow Rebecca, but if you don’t – START NOW

@rockyandruby on Instagram


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