What does it mean to ‘Support your Local Girl Gang’

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In the past little while, Feminism has become a more popular topic of discussion. This, of course, has arisen out of international influence, with things like politics influencing our discussion points, which then impacts other industries, such as the Fashion industry – companies who ablaze their t-shirts with ‘Wild Feminist’ are not just selling a product, they’re entering into a political and social discussion, the bottom line is: the public talks, industries listen – and one thing we are discussing, is feminism.

The little sister of ‘Feminism’ discussions in society is a sentiment which I for one am seeing more and more that sentiment is ‘Support your Local Girl Gang’ 

The empowering sentence seems pretty self-explanatory, it’s basically saying girls – support your peers, but also back yourself because you are powerful. Now, despite me, as a woman, immediately understanding this sentence my thoughts quickly drifted to the question ‘what does this mean for men?’

I think to some degree our society is still trained to see things from a majorities perspective and for most industries the majority is male – and I am saying that completely objectively.

So, I thought about it first I thought…

Maybe we need more of an inclusive empowering statement, then I thought

Maybe it’s time we did create a space that was distinctly female and then I thought.

Actually no, the key to this saying. The key to its powerful nature is not the reference to gender but rather the reference to support. 


With that being said here is what I think it looks like (& means to) support your ‘Local Girl Gang’ and here are my reasons why we need to support our local girl gang



Supporting your girl gang means advocating for a rise of the representation of women in industry


In the last survey taken in 2014, 80% of Hollywood Films had no female writers and 85% had no female directors. According to Variety

Only 4% of S&P 500 CEOs are women and only 19% of all of those companies have female representation on their boards. According to FairFax


Supporting your girl gang means believing in yourself more too.

No matter what gender you are if there is something you want or a dream you’re prepared to work for then go for it. I think there will always be times when you might need to be cut throat or put you first and that is okay, supporting the gang can only be done when you support yourself. Don’t shrink yourself, stand tall next to all those around you, while being firm and sure about who you are, what you want and where you’re going.

Remember: You can empower and appreciate someone else’s success without compromising your own.



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Why do we need a girl gang?

Well, we need one – because there is nothing more empowering than being around peers who are succeeding and also want to see you succeed because that’s what we all want – my girl gang ranges from my school friend Sabrina who spends her time working for Red11 (she’s crazy beautiful) all the while going to school to Hannah Rogers, Sarah Harvey and my new friend Donielle Brooke – who is an all round boss and has gotten to where she is not only because of her amazingness but also because she made something out of adversity. Girl Gangs exist because like it or not they are needed the statistics I shared show that.


Feminists and Feminism does not exist as [at least it doesn’t to me and to all the women in my girl gang] an excuse to hate on the man. Trust me we like the man and Feminism is not a concept designed out of pop culture or fabrication. Feminism and supporting your Girl Gang is needed. So, believe in you, support your peers and advocate for yourselves and others like you to be seen industry. That’s just some ways you can support the gang.

Don’t shrink.

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