Madeleine Walker of the Twenties Club, on Feminism and the Future of things

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One of the first blogs I ever read was Madeleine Walker’s, The Twenties Club. Although I am a couple of years off of Madeleine’s target demographic, I have always loved reading the content Madeleine created, it made me laugh during some pretty tough times and it made me tougher in some incredibly difficult times. When I got the opportunity to interview Madeleine, I wanted to do something that would make not only for interesting reading, but would also be something that Madeleine could look back on herself, as something to read in years to come.

I asked Madeleine, to finish a few sentences – these sentences asked her about what she thinks life will be like by the time she is 30.

“The goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back”- Gloria Steinem


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By the time I am thirty the world will have learned…. That the damages of global warming are largely irreversible and we must treat our Earth with the same love and respect we treat our loved ones with, the world will have learned that sometimes in order to move forward and progress we need radical change: I think events like the Trump presidency, terrorism, Brexit, and beyond will all have taught the world that sometimes radical change requires radical sacrifices. I hope by the time I am 30 the world will be in a state of universal peace and rehabilitation.


Feminism will be…. Taught in schools.


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Do you slide on all your nights like this 💘

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Twenty year olds will know….That they have the power. They have the power to dictate what the future looks like because they are the future. They are the future leaders, mothers, fathers and game-changers.


Men will finally understand that….Women’s rights are human rights and reproductive rights are women’s rights and it has literally nothing to do with men so can they please stop trying to make our decisions for us.


The beauty/fashion industry will have…More female businesswomen like Jen Atkin of The Ouai and Emily Weiss of Glossier changing the game and inspiring young hustlers.


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Afternoon snack

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My life will be complete with… It’s already complete! But I hope there is a puppy somewhere. And lots of travel.

I will have learned…That what people think of you says more about who they are than who you are.


I will have done…. the impossible.

The Twenties Club will be… The Twenties Club will be The Thirties Club! Yeah baby!


One could certainly argue that Madeleine has already done the impossible, it’s only going to get better as the years go on – of that I am sure. 


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