Dexter Murray: his parents must be so proud

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This is part of a series of articles which I wrote a few months back, now they’re finally seeing the light of day. 

Dexter Murray, resides in what has been proclaimed as ‘Wellington’s nosiest flat’ along with illustrative artist Nic Little and a few other flatmates; Dexter and Nic have finished a collaboration exhibition, titled Their Parents Must Be So Proud, which was showcased at Auckland’s mecca for coffee and donuts: Olly.

A few days after the launch of this exhibition [which now took place a few months ago] Grace sat down with Dexter to talk about what influences him to document his perception of the world through photography, other than of course, doing it to make his parents proud.

Upon talking with Dexter, you can quickly surmise that his decision to chronicle his own life and the lives of those around him, through photography, was not a conscious choice, but rather photography became a completely natural extension of Dexter’s character because Dexter has in his words a “desire to share his world view” and photography allows him to do just that. For this reason Dexter and photography are not two separate entities, they rather create one complete person. Photography is a part of Dexter and the art form allows him to share with the world, a part of himself, his perception.

When asked how photography has influenced him, Dex says it has influenced him to capture everything and given him a reason to stroll around for hours meeting new people and searching out experiences.

Using photography Dexter is able to catch and hold onto the fleeting moments of young adulthood and put the more saddening occasions of life into perspective. Dexter’s desire to reflect his world view and search out new and varying subjects for his photos is obvious when it comes to his portfolio. 

Dexter’s collection of photos ranges from imagery that records the relatively controlled anarchy, if there is such a thing – of University students, to photography for political campaigns and fashion brands. Dexter doesn’t know where photography will take him, he says “I am just taking it as it comes.” Dexter’s pursuit will continue to be,  the pursuit to capture imagery.


Photo by Samantha Yates


As Dexter goes about this, it is his peers; who are captured by him; Dexter, is never without a coffee – he is an avid repeater of jokes and has a grin, which sweeps you up and holds you captive, which is why it is so fitting that Dexter dedicated himself to capturing the world through photography, he wants to be influenced by the world around him and in turn, influence the world.

This dedication is just one of the things that make it easy to see, exactly why Dexter’s parents would be so proud.


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