A column about an artist: Morgan Hancock Graphic Designer

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This is part of a series of articles which I wrote a few months back, now they’re finally seeing the light of day. 


Morgan Hancock spent her

childhood tethered to her paper and

pens, she spent her time drawing

and as she describes it, “relentlessly”

getting her ideas onto paper.

Morgan’s childhood obsession with

art and drawing turned into her life’s

calling; Morgan is an illustrator and

graphic designer, the art she creates

ranges from pen and pencil

illustrations of pop culture icons, to water

colour imagery and works created

with ink.

Morgan says “I come up with the idea

and then find the best medium to fit

[that idea]” Morgan, by utalising as

many mediums as possible in her

work is able to give depth to all of her

art works and create something that

is unlike anything else. Morgan’s

pursuit of creating something that is in

its own lane links seamlessly with

her motives to create art in the first

place, she says “art is when I am able

to my release thoughts, either if it’s

just for myself or for others to relate

to also. It is also very interesting

seeing what an artwork brings out of

other people as everyone has a

different view and can relate to it


This is one of Morgan’s inspirations,

to create artworks that draw a

reaction from all their viewers; this is

a marker of truly impactful art and it

is something that Morgan’s art

succeeds in doing. Whether it be

Morgan’s artworks that are reminiscent of

childhood’s now passed or her

creations made that capture wildlife

and people, all her artworks manage

to impact you and think differently

then you did about the subjects you

are being shown. Morgan’s ability to

make people think differently and

more in depth through her art, sets

her out from the rest and makes her

an incredible artist, who will create stupendous works not

just right now but for years to come.


Check out Morgan’s Instagram and Facebook to see more of her works.





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