My experience at Trelise Cooper’s Theatre of Fashion

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If you follow my Instagram  you’ll know that a few weeks back I was invited along to the Trelise Cooper Theatre of Fashion

It was an absolutely beautiful show, with an incredible group of people who were not only responsible for putting the Fashion show together, but also attended the event.

I had a wonderful time at the event, in terms of accessibility I encountered no obstacles that were unexpected for the City Centre and all of my interactions with people were pleasant. I did find it funny though, that more than a couple of people thought that I was my Plus 1’s Plus 1. I always laugh at stuff like that, I said to Miss FQ that one thing which happens quite often is I’m not asked what I do for work or I’m not assumed to be working, which always makes me wonder why? I think it might just be people buying into stereotypes, which I don’t mind – and if I have learned anything it’s that people only do things like assume, because they don’t know better, and so sometimes instead of getting angry you just have to teach. And the Trelise Cooper Team and all of the girls and boys in the industry I have met, have allowed me to do that graciously and I am so grateful.

Other than that, I had a wonderful time. One of the reasons why I am so passionate about diversity in Fashion is because I know what Fashion can do, it’s an industry which can make you feel incredible as well as help you do incredible things, a prime example is the fact that Trelise’s Theatre of Fashion was also to benefit charity. Fashion is not just an industry of things, it also has the power to invoke feeling and that’s incredibly powerful. It’s an honour to be a part of such an industry, here is to many more years.

Thank you Trelise xx






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