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I often come across people the sentence: “people don’t talk about IT” 

‘It’ is usually a stand in word for many subjects some examples might be: people don’t talk about mental health, people don’t talk about disability, people don’t talk about options other than University. 

These same people who say “people don’t talk about it” are sometimes the same people who say things like: “it’s the media’s fault” 

Negative body image in young people is due to the media, the media is a dangerous place for young people, the media never has anything worthwhile…


I know that you cannot deny that some conversations might not be as prevalent in society and yes it is true that the media may in some cases be dangerous or contribute to the continuation of negative mindsets or ideas. 

However, I believe that it is all about WHERE YOU LOOK. 

If you’re sitting back and saying “people don’t talk about it” – that’s fine, but let me ask you, have you looked for the conversation? Because if you look I promise you it is there. 

If you’re sitting there blaming the media for its promotion of negative or warped ideas let me ask you what media are you looking at? Because more than ever positive and diverse media exists, and if you think the media is dangerous – that’s okay but before you insult its existence let me ask you… Do you know how to keep yourself safe online?

The internet is an amazing tool and when used the right way it has the power to start a conversation and to bring forth new and better ideas than the ones we’ve had before, but it’s all about HOW you use media and the internet – if you’re not looking for the conversation – you won’t find it. If you’re not looking for diversity – you’ll see and consume more of the same. 

In order to change this I have put together what I am going to call

An Internet Directory

A list of all the conversation starting, diversifying and safe places, people and things that exist on the internet and in media, these are the people who I love, the places that I go to and the resources that I consume. 


Campaigns and Conversations…

Voices of HOPE

Voices of HOPE began as a conversation between two friends, Jazz Thorton and Genevieve Mora. The two young women decided to share their conversation and their organisation was created. Voices of HOPE is designed to be just that a voice of hope for those grappling with mental illness’ – and in a wider context the organisation aims to remove the stigma that is often placed upon mental illness, by developing content and talking about it, as much as possible. 

Join the conversation: Facebook, Website
BUZZED (a CAYAD campaign)

A faction of the Auckland Council is CAYAD which stands for community action for youth alcohol and drugs. A part of CAYAD is a campaign called BUZZED. The campaign is aimed at starting a conversation with young New Zealanders about substance use, it is a campaign which finds its roots in telling the stories, through video and social media, of those who have battled addiction in order to share their experiences and start a conversation, as well as provide support and prevention to our communities. 

I am privileged to be involved in the BUZZED campaign, so if you have any questions regarding it, be sure to flick me a message. 

I’ll be at Festival for the Future with BUZZED this year, so if you’re there come and say hey! 

Join the conversation: Facebook, Website

Grace with Imogen – a creator of Moon Turtle, the mood journal which is a resource mentioned later in this directory.


I was introduced to Longform because of one of my journalist friends, Longform publishes about 5-6 amazing non-fiction stories daily, out of the United States, it is where you’ll find the conversations that might not be occurring as well or as in depth on other internet platforms.

In New Zealand, The Spinoff and Vice also offer content that is conversation starting and worthy of a daily look through. 

Join the conversation on Longform: Website


Support Your Local Girl Gang 

Started by Donielle Brooke of Designer Wardrobe ‘Support Your Local Girl Gang’ is a Facebook group to support and empower women specifically those who are in the creative industry and have positive conversations with our peer groups and/or communities. 

Similar to Support Your Local Girl Gang, is Changemakers Tribes, which is a support network designed for any young person wanting to better the world in some way, the group often meets in person as well as having conversations through Facebook Groups. 

Join the conversation: Facebook Group [Changemakers Tribes]  Facebook Group [Girl Gang] 

Publications, Businesses, and Brands…

Shiseido WASO Millenial Skincare Range 

I first heard about this through my lovely friend and Editor of Sauce Magazine Zeenat Wilkinson. The WASO range is modeled by individuals all who are different cultures and of diverse looks, the range itself comes from nature. To directly quote the Shiseido Group

“The time has come to challenge the status quo and change the conversation about beauty. We believe that true beauty defies stereotypes and we believe in the power of the individual and the power of nature. We believe that all things beautiful come from nature.”

I recently worked with Miss Crabb, which is another NZ based brand that has been incredibly supportive of a diverse fashion and beauty industry.

Find WASO: Here
The Gentlewoman: A fabulous magazine for modern women of style and purpose.

The Gentlewoman is a magazine based in the UK, which you can order online and also get at some New Zealand stores (like FABRIC) it is a magazine that focuses on and empowers the real woman. The photography and journalism is breathtakingly good. It’s bi-annual and the same people who publish Gentlewoman also publish an equally incredible publication aimed at men, called Fantastic Man,

For NZ readers wanting a more local fix The Pantograph Punch offers a diverse range of stellar content.

Find Gentlewoman: Here


Dominic Hoey: author of Iceland

Dominic Hoey is a New Zealand Poet, Recording Artist and best-selling Author. His poetry and other works which are often released through his Instagram are confronting and unconventionally gorgeous. His book Iceland talks about his experiences growing up in Grey Lynn, Auckland. His voice is so beautiful and unflinching, it is unlike that of anyone else.

We’re interviewing him soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Find Dominic’s Iceland: here
Squawk Squad: the connection between us and native birds.


Squawk Squad is a social enterprise founded by a group of young people, pictured above. The enterprise is aimed at saving native birds, but they do it with a twist. The Squawk Squad aims to connect people with the environment and with the pursuit to save native birds, they do this through an app. It basically works like this: a person like you or I fund a trap in an aid sanctuary and then through the Squawk Squad App you get notified when your trap is triggered.

Find out more about Squawk Squad: here


Moon Turtle

Moon Turtle is a resource that allows you to document your day, its aim is to promote positive mental health and keep you within a healthy mindset.

Find Moon Turtle: here
Netsafe: for secure internet usage

Netsafe is an online resource that covers all your needs when it comes to understanding potential online threat and implementing online safety. It’s also a good website to read with your young teen or potentially naive internet user, to make sure they know how to protect themselves.

Netsafe security is here


I better end that here because it is already quite long, I hope this will help you surf the internet a bit wiser and choose your media with a little bit more spring in your step, it’s all out there – now you don’t have to look as long or as hard.

I have many more resources and platforms to offer as places for you to visit online, so if you want to know them flick me a message or keep an eye out on my Facebook page.

Top Photo, Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Middle Photo, Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash Last Photo, Photo by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

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