3 Take-away’s from my weekend at Aoeta Centre with Festival for the Future

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No this will not tell you about the Chinese food I ate or the coffees I drank, this isn’t that kind of takeaway

I spent the weekend of the first week of August in Aotea Centre with Festival for the Future, I have spent the last few weeks processing and compiling all that I have learned from that experience – and from that compilation, I have created a few take-away-points for you.

Here they are, but before I begin – a big thank you to Nicola and the BUZZED team, it’s a privilege to work with you, thank you for this opportunity.



Take-away point 1:

A network is only as strong as you are confident – if you want to do something or be something, or create something then a network is vital, but the creation of one only comes about when you are confident enough, to go up to people and start talking.


Take-away point 2:

Policy matters – I am not a political buff, and I am the first to confess that I do not know the ins and outs of policies, but I think knowing about politics and its relevance to you and your community is important, which Festival for the Future reinforced for me. (The Spinoff has just released an amazing tool to help you understand political policy, find that  http://policy.thespinoff.co.nz/)


Take-away point 3:

Ideas are no good – don’t get me wrong, everything starts with an idea – but if it is not backed up by action, hard work and a plan (that works) then your idea will only ever stay an idea, but at the same time I learned that with hard work every idea can become a tangible reality – so simply, work hard.


Here’s to a future with these take-away points.


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  1. Nicola
    August 15, 2017 / 11:52 am

    It was so much fun hanging out at Festival with you! Great write up and loved hearing your reflections. Nic 🙂

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