French 83 Menswear at #NZFW

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NZFW is in just over two weeks time, I was privileged to speak with Vivian from French 83 about the two collections that they are showing this year.

French 83 is located on Anzac Ave in Auckland, they specialise in creating refined menswear that utilises natural fibres and focuses’ on bringing a fresh approach to the creation of menswear, while still equally nailing the fundamentals.

You might be thinking why would Grace be telling us about a menswear label, and the reason is simple – I could tell you about a lot of brands, that are more fitting to what you’d expect, but what fun would that be?

I know this is different and unexpected from me and that’s why I am telling you about it. The designer of French 83, Nicole Wesseling is Dutch, she is influenced by her heritage immensely but also she aims to harness that nations environmental values and apply them to her design practices – Wesseling utilises carefully chosen textiles and promotes sustainable practices.



Vivian from French 83 told me about the two collections they’re showcasing this year here is what she said…


ANDERSON SS’18 for FRENCH83 is minimal, clean and streamlined. A collection focused on wearable quality for gentlemen with a modest wardrobe. The collection draws inspiration from the films of Wes Anderson with subtle references to furniture designed by Jens Risom and the popularity of tennis in the 1970s. The SS’18 colour palette for FRENCH83 draws from pastel tones seen in Wes Anderson’s films, 1970’s tennis attire and furniture designed by Jens Risom during the 1960s. Seaweed, salt, ebony, and sand are the core colours for this season. Accents of rosewood, blue stone, and rose smoke add rich and dusty tones to the collection.


ELLIOT AW18 for FRENCH83 draws inspiration from the film Billy Elliot (directed by Stephen Daldry.) This season focuses on the colour palette used throughout the film; blue being a dominant tone. It also explores the concept of hard and soft; masculine and feminine. Particular aspects of Billy Elliot’s clothing have an influence on the fabric choices. Stripes, in particular, are used in different ways. There is also a focus on the utilitarian clothing of the miners during the 1984 strike in the film. This includes bomber jackets and fur collars. FRENCH83 has taken these garments and given them a modern clean look.



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