Why You Need To Be Breast Aware #LonelyLingerie

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Photo: Harry Were


I was out with my friend today and while I was waiting for him to buy something the lady behind the till asked my friend “is this your girlfriend or your sister?” Because I am a writer I found myself dissecting her tone of voice.

It was one of genuine curiosity and I wondered why? What could motivate her to care about a strangers relationship status?

I then realised her curiosity was most likely because I was in a wheelchair and my friend was not.

I have learned that because my body isn’t normal that sometimes means that people try to define my body, my relationships and my person with some kind of label that makes sense. We live in a world where everything is labeled – that’s just how it is, I have committed myself to destroying those labels and slowly I will,  because I love my body – and everyone deserves to say that.

But sometimes labels do us good, like Lonely Label…

Did you know that

One woman is diagnosed in NZ every day with Breast Cancer who is under the free breast screening age of 45

Lonely Lingerie is committed to spreading the message of being breast aware from the age of 20, but you can start to know your body (and how to keep an eye on its health) at any age.

To quote the gorgeous Lonely Label ladies,


“Get in the habit of checking your breasts in the shower each week. Soap and water can make it easier to detect lumps. Pressing firmly, move the pads of your fingers across the entire breast area and up into the armpit – you might like to use a circular motion. A lump can often feel like a pea or marble trapped under the skin. However there are many variations on this, and while most lumps aren’t cancer, it’s important to get a lump that’s still there after a couple of weeks checked by your doctor.”


Your body and you are precious, remember: check to protect.

If you need a tangible reminder of this a Lonely Label Tee is the way to go.


Photo: Harry Were

Lonely x Ophelia t-shirts featuring artwork by Ophelia Mikkelson are available for $110 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

Ask in-store; New Market, Ponsonby or Wellington or email shop [at] lonelylabel [dot] com to pre-order.

Throughout October Lonely stores will also have appearances from registered nurses of the Breast Cancer Foundation, keep an eye on their social media for more information.

In order to love our body’s we also have to protect them and look after them, so check your breasts and love your body, because you are good enough – and if anyone tries to give you a label you do not want, remember Lonely Label is an example of the positive labels that are out there for you to wear with pride.


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