A quick day as an NZgirl

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I started writing for NZgirl recently, to mark this occasion I thought I would write down a day in the life of an NZgirl

The first thing she does has to be visits to Society in Grey Lynn. In my experience, there is nothing better than a day spent with Ash and the gang.

Of course, another thing that makes for an NZgirl has to be her love of vintage clothes, who doesn’t love a good Op-Shop trip.

When NZgirls have done their Op-Shopping and been to Society, the next thing on the list is a coffee; perhaps The Botanist?

When she’s done there an NZgirl might perhaps find herself on some kind of adventure, big or small, in a place unexpected.

The thing about NZgirls, is that whatever they do, they conquer. So don’t you ever forget that you have great power.

Go forward today and have a good one, perhaps read NZgirl on your way.


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