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When it comes to drinks, most of us think we know what we’re talking about, I mean, even our new Prime Minister is a lover of Single Malt Whiskey.

Let’s say you want some of that Single Malt, if you pour yourself one standard drink of all that Ardern approved goodness, what does that mean?


According to New Zealand law

“One standard drink contains 10 grams of pure alcohol. The standard drink measure is a simple way for you to work out how much alcohol you are drinking”

Above it says that a standard drink has 10 grams of pure alcohol, that never changes, however as we know, because there is a difference in strength between alcoholic drinks, for example, Whisky and Beer that means the volume of the drink changes.

I drink very rarely (I prefer flat whites) but, I have always just thought that the person pouring for me (who in my case is usually a bartender, or a friend/family member) would pour to a point and that would be one glass. 

It turns out this is in fact not the case, one glass could be more than one standard drink.  I mean, We all know at least one heavy-handed pourer, don’t we?



With this new found knowledge of one cup, maybe being more than just one cup, do you know how many ml’s makes a standard drink?



A 440ml can of Beer at 4.2% alcohol is approx 1.5 standard drinks.

440 ml is the larger can size, like the size of Guinness Draughts. 

A 750ml bottle of beer at 4% alcohol is approx 2.4 standard drinks.

To give some context, the largest bottle of beer that is sold by Heineken is a 650 ml.  


A 100ml glass of wine at 12.5% alcohol is 1 standard drink

100ml is the same as approximately 8 [UK] tablespoons 

A 750ml bottle of sparkling wine at 12% alcohol is 7.1 standard drinks



A 335ml bottle of RTD spirits at 6% alcohol is 1.7 standard drinks

335 ml is the size of the average Smirnoff Double Black 

A 50ml bottle of spirits at 37% alcohol is 1.5 standard drinks

50ml is the size of a Mini bottle of Jack Daniels 

A 500ml bottle of spirits at 37.5% alcohol is 15 standard drinks

500ml is the size of Diet Coke bottles you buy out of the fridges at the dairy 





I too enjoy a drink every now and then, I am not saying don’t drink, but being aware of what is standard reduces your potential for harm, because most of the time we are the ones, or those we love are the ones pouring our drinks, so knowing this makes us aware.

All safety begins with awareness.

Enjoy a standard single malt for sure, but know what standard means.

The title of this was an allusion to hopefully capture your attention, but if you do go out with your girlfriends to the bar, odds are they’ll pour you more than what’s standard, so simply as I said, just make sure you’re aware and that you look out for one another.


All of my information was obtained from here


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