Leaving High School

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Last week I officially finished High School and while for some, that was upsetting, in my case I was really excited to finish High School, because it meant I could focus more on the things that I love to do and grow in knowledge about those things.

When it comes to life and its stages, it is human nature to be afraid or to grieve the loss of a part of your life. Leaving High School, means leaving the ‘known’ – leaving the people who you’ve spent time with for years everyday, leaving the buildings that you know your way around and the assignments that aren’t that hard anymore.

Leaving that, the things you know, is hard, and upsetting, because it means that you’re moving into what is unknown, the buildings you don’t know, the assignments that are hard. We fear that which is unknown.

In my case, a lot of my life has been unknown… When it was younger, the questions were: will I walk independently? Will I need surgeries? What if I can’t get in the classroom? Later in life the questions were… How would I drive? How will I get into the City for work?

All of this has been unknown, but every single one of these unknown questions has been answered, eventually, after a little bit of struggle and problem solving, so I have learned that everything which is unknown, isn’t actually to be feared, it is to be conquered.

The stages of life, that you’re going into or coming out of, they’ll hold their difficulties, but they’ll be solved, because that is the nature of it, that eventually what is unknown, becomes known to you.

Think about it… Once upon a time you were 5 and afraid of going to school, but by the time you were 15 you were in the swing of school and perhaps it was learning to drive that frightened you just a tad. Then you were 18, driving, and it was this, the prospect of leaving behind teen-hood for adult-hood that caused you a little bit of grief or fear or sadness.

Every stage will become known to you & you’ll find your home in it, so if you are in a stage like this and you are a little sad, or fearful, remember that.

If you’re like me and excited for the next stage of your absolutely amazing life, then just keep in mind, that there will be a few struggles along the way too, but if you hold onto that excitement, you’ll pull through.




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