Journal #1 : The beginning

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Ernest Hemingway, George S Patton and Mark Twain are just a few people who kept journals or notebooks. When I was younger I always brought notebooks *intending* on keeping a journal, but alas I got two days in and never got past the first page of my notebook.

It might have been because I had really bad handwriting and that bothered me, or it may have been because I could never find a good place to keep my notebook and pen, but for some reason, I never kept a journal.


That’s all changing. I’ve had this website for a long time, I have loved writing, I have loved interviewing and creating, but the internet world doesn’t always feel like it’s my world. I want to tell stories, make change, create. But I don’t want to be another one in the rat-race, another URL, another Facebook Page to ‘like’ – I figured out that I didn’t want to be all those things when I started my new job recently.

I absolutely love my job, I still have a lot to learn and to perfect, but I know that I have found what I want to be doing, and that is, being Behind The Scenes, creating things, having conversations, facilitating projects, helping tell stories.


I want to do all that on my website too, so I have decided that I am going to keep a journal, online, for you to read. A journal about my life so far, its challenges, changes, successes and failures. I want to create something unlike anything else, in order to do that, I want to focus on telling my own story because none of our individual story’s can be replicated (but we can learn a thing or two from each other)

I enjoy having an online presence, I love thinking about what my next copy will be for Instagram, I love knowing that what I put out might make someone’s day better or brighter, or challenge someones thinking.

But I have realised what I love and I want to take my blog along on the journey of discovering that further, creating a journal is how I have decided to do that. I hope you come along.

Welcome to my journal.



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