Journal #3 : Who Are We?

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The question of, who are you?

Can be answered in many ways. Genetically, we could say that we are the sum of our chromosomes, evenly given to us by our mother and father.

Or we could say that we are, who we are. Our name, age and date of birth. But then, we could also say that we’re much more than that, who we are also brings into discussion our belief system, experiences, likes, dislikes, hopes and fears.

If someone asked me who I was, my reply would be made up of a little bit of each of these rationals, because I am made of a part of my mother and father, not just their genes, but because of their influence. They taught me a work ethic, my dad owned a successful business for many years, I watched him work 6 out of 7 days in the week, he taught me to work hard.

My mum taught me everything, she never lets me give up, her influence upon me is profound. Everything I have built in my career thus far is self made, but without her none of it would be eventuating, she’s the one who makes sure I am on track and sometimes I get annoyed, that she asks so many questions, but it is because she cares and without her care, I wouldn’t be here.

But all the same, who I am is also, my experiences, my choices, me. I guess what I am saying this that who you are, can never be just one thing because you are influenced by so much.

The person you are can’t be defined – and understanding that is what gives you power, because when you understand that everything has the power to influence you, that’s when you start looking for positivity, role models you trust and the future you want.

Never allow yourself to be defined by one thing.

Always, when asked who you are, answer with many things, because you have the power to be anything.


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