Journal #5 – Sisters are doing it for themselves, but what happens when they doubt themselves?

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“If you don’t determine your own value, someone else will” – OK Tip 


In this day and age, we can pretty much create anything we want, because of technological means the entire landscape of social life has changed and our capacity to do things quickly has grown.

We can create, what we want – much faster because of technology. It took me a few hours, a few years back, to build this website; it took me much longer to grow it, make it look professional, artistic and worthy of your time and attention and I often make changes to it now, because I am still seeking to do these things, but nevertheless the mere construction of this site was quick; painless.

However it is one thing to simply create something, it’s another thing entirely to know if that thing is good enough, to trust in its value and your own.

This is something I am still learning to do – when it was announced that I was a Semi-Finalist for this years, New Zealander of the Year awards, as a Young NZer. The first thing I thought, was “do I deserve this” and “will people think that I deserve this.”

I believe that a part of the human condition, but somewhat more heightened in females, is wondering – what people think and so the question is – how do we start trusting in ourselves more.

Going back to the OKreal quote. We start trusting in ourselves and what we create, by taking responsibility for assigning its value, ourselves.

I have learned that what I do, will not please everyone.

I have learned that what I believe in, will not be shared by everyone.

I have learned that no matter what I say, some people will always be ignorant.

With these lessons, I have come to know, that if I awaited on other people, to make my creations and myself feel good enough I would be waiting, forever.

All I can do is keep working, creating – and the value of that work will make itself known, in subtle ways or in more evident ways, sometimes you might still question yourself – if what you have done is good enough, but in these times – if you remember why you started that thing – be it a website, a brand or company in the first place, sometimes that is enough to remind you that everything you do has value, because it contributes to the vision you had which led you here.

For example, I started this website, because I believed that mainstream media, mainstream living and mainstream consumption had to have represented within it, people of diverse physical capacity. This website isn’t about disability, it’s about living a life that is full and successful and helping others do the same, no matter the ties that once had power to bind them.

That vision has value, your vision has value, you have value.




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