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It’s been a few weeks since my last post because it has been my first 5 weeks of University.

I’m studying Law and Communications, having just handed in my first assessment I am loving my study (albeit, slightly scared to get back my first grade)

AUT has been a fantastic University so far, I’ll definitely be writing more about my journey over the next 5 years there.


Here are 11 things I have learned in my first 5 weeks of Law [and Communications] school:


#1. No matter how much you try, it will take you at least 3 of said 5 weeks to orientate yourself to Auckland City, you will get lost on your way to Elliot street, but it’ll be fun – because you won’t be the only one who is lost. And don’t worry, you find your way around eventually.

Sub-point to this point is as follows: for some reason people aka strangers, will push your wheelchair, without your permission. This will mean that for the first couple weeks of uni you’re a little afraid of people when you’re crossing the road, so when your old high school mates tap you on the shoulder to say hey {while you’re both road crossing} you will have a little scream. 


#2. Bubble tea is life. This fact is indisputable.


#3. Your legal systems professor is all kinds of amazing. Or in the words of my classmate, F-ing awesome. She’ll make you want to be a damn good lawyer, even if her lectures do sometimes leave you confused, in the best way.




#4. Don’t expect the lecturer to always call you by the right name, and don’t be offended if they call you by a different name. Just go with it.


#5. When you walk to Britomart with a friend from your law class to catch the bus, expect to discuss section 4 (1) (a) of the Police Offences act, also expect to stop for Starbucks, because you’re based in the city now and no matter what anyone says, the coffee is good. (In this instance Starbucks was my idea, because coffee is always my idea but sidenote, why are the orders so complex; please just give me black coffee and ice, please.)


#6. The lift doors will shut too fast and you’ll develop a fear of them closing on you, so thank your friends for sticking their arm out to make sure your fears don’t come true.


#7. The 95bfm kids are always way better dressed than you.





#8. When you see people from High School who you haven’t seen since year 11, while trying to maintain conversation with law school friend about section 4 (1) (a) and also cross the road without fear, don’t stress out about trying to appear put together – just accept that everyone knows your an uncoordinated mess.


#9. You love Uni, but you don’t love the odd stains on the communal couches, hence why you’re so grateful that you bring your own chair wherever you go.


#10. Don’t let the databases stress you out. You can code for goodness sake. (She says this, but Westlaw still stresses her out) hence why she’s thankful for the guy beside her, who fills her in on the steps she misses.


#11. The next 5 years couldn’t be at a better place. AUT’s got a disabled bathroom on every level and is two seconds away from all the food you could ever need.


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