To the person who flipped me off 🖕 when I was driving today. | Journal #9

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Hey there,


I’m really sorry that I didn’t get a chance to return your gesture by 🖕 you off too. The reason why I couldn’t is that I actually drive with both my hands, I don’t use my feet – because well I cannot. Hence, I couldn’t return your finger with one of my own.

I understand you probably didn’t know this, you just saw me as that pain in the arse that delays your trip to wherever the hell you wanted to get to so fast, it was probably to your mothers house right? Her Saturday night dinners are great, pity she didn’t teach you manners.


I’m really sorry that my being under the 100km speed limit was such an inconvenience. But, you see, I’m learning. I know that you’re one of those people who has forgotten the time in their life when they learned to drive. You believe that you were fresh out the womb with a Gmail account and a license.

I’ve got some news for you buster, and it ain’t Fox News, it’s 100% true, ya really did learn like the rest of us did.

I feel like my time is wasted justifying to you the reason why I decided not to go 100km’s – but here are some factors: it’s a country road – it’s not straight forward and it would be irresponsible of me as I am learning, to go a speed which I cannot handle.

Overtake me all you like, but why the  🖕 the fact that you were driving a truck that was last washed in the Nixon administration and that you revved your stupid engine louder than is logical, let me know that.


I meet people like you all the time, if you’re not flipping me off for driving too slow, then you’re refusing to move your suitcases out of the disability spot, so I move them for you. And if you’re neither of those people, then you’re the person who I have to look out for, and avoid, because you don’t make an effort to see me, you’re too busy looking at your phone. You also use the bathrooms, marked disabled, even though you’re not – and you park in the carparks too.


What’s it like, to act in ways that only suit you?

The reality is that while you use things like disabled bathrooms, because you’re too impatient to wait for one of 5 other bathrooms you could use, I am stuck, waiting for that one which you are using.

I have no other option. But you don’t know that, because you only think, of you.

I guess what I’m saying man, is that I know you through and through – and I can only count a few times to which I have gotten frustrated at you. I’ve never resorted to 🖕 even when I have felt like it, because I have something you’ll never have – class.

I know you probably wish that I wasn’t on the road, going slower than 100km’s. You probably also wish that you didn’t have to move your suitcases or that all the bathrooms were spacious, so you can spend extra time in there to avoid adult responsibility and limiting the amount of time you have to comply with behavioural norms.

But, here’s the thing – I have just as much right to be on the road, as you, you can overtake me all you like, but all I ask is for a modicum of compassion, you mightn’t know my story at all, but I am a person – and the fact that you’d flip off a stranger, says way more about you then me, my driving might need some practice, but I think you’re the one who needs to put the work in.

You can make the argument that you came fresh out the oven able to drive, but you learn compassion – and as an adult, to have none – that’s quite sad. I’m sorry about that.

There’s some epic women who might be able to teach you about compassion, strength and fortitude – Amy Fraser, Molly Burke, for example. I suggest you look them up.

I also have just as much right to a seat on the bus and I have the right not to pee my pants because I am waiting for your arse to get out of the bathroom.

I am so aware of you, every day. I don’t see you that frequently, most of the time the people I spend time with aren’t ones who flip me off or be rude, but when I do see you –   I watch you, to make sure I am not in your way, to make sure I can get past you, to gage if you’re staring or uncomfortable or might ask me a question I don’t want to answer.

All I ask, is that in return you’re even just a tiny bit aware of me. I am here, and yes I might not be perfect, yes I might be learning, sometimes uncoordinated and not as physically fast as you, I’m so sorry about that, but you’re shit out of luck mate I have a right to be here and I am trying to do life the best I can.

And all things considered, I believe I’m doing pretty well, you chose the wrong one to  🖕 at.

You don’t know me and I do not consent to you making me feel inferior.

Have fun at your mums house for dinner. Fingers crossed she teaches you how to not be a dickhead, oh wait, that’ll probably take a couple of lunches, some brunches and an afternoon tea too. So I’m wishing you luck for all those too.




  1. Clive Lamdin
    April 7, 2018 / 8:56 pm

    Hey, Grace, Well written. Now you’ve proved you can write this sort of thing you need never do it again. And the next time some ignoramus gives you the finger, consign him to your personal rubbish dump as quickly as possible, and go on enjoying what you were enjoying before he did it, because honestly, creeps like him ain’t worth the bother, the heart-ache, the time, or the effort.
    Best wishes as always

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