Meet Grace

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Grace Georgia Stratton is a blogger, writer and wanna-be adventurer who has been using a wheelchair for 17 years, she writes and creates

The aim of Grace Georgia is to mainstream disability and spark diversity.

All of Grace’s life she has been the alt kid, the kid that wasn’t into what the other kids were into – and the kid that was just a bit different. Some of Grace’s differences she didn’t choose – like her wheelchair, but some of them she did.

Grace enjoys being different, she wants more out of life than a 9-5 and this blog is designed to show all that is out there if you’re brave enough to just be you. This blog is for alt kids, from an alt kid.

As well as writing, founding and creating for Grace Georgia – Grace has many side projects on the go, all of which will be documented here.

The world wasn’t really designed for Grace, as a wheelchair user she has had to learn to adapt to the world around her and that’s been a challenge, but luckily Grace shares her life with some rad people and aims to document it all. Grace’s aim is to live her life with courage and encourage you all to follow your dreams, so witness the adventure, here.