Success what does it mean?

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We are bombarded with images of success all the time, the Kardashians an example; with a clothing line, make-up and hair line and one of the highest grossing television shows ever one could say they are the definition of success; however the launch of Kim Kardashian onto her now cemented platform. Was far from a successful action.

What does that say about success? With the constant stream of successful people in the media, it is easy for us to get a now and whatever means necessary mentality. We must do things now and if I do this and this maybe that will get me there.  This is what is wrong, we want our own platforms cemented; but a platform cannot be built on a weak foundation. The origins of who you are and your actions up until you reach your point of success are just as important, as your success itself.

Because the Kardashians can do whatever and make as much money and measure success however they wish too, but in an interview Kim Kardashian still said “she knows it {the infamous action} is what introduced her to the world” and what does that say about a persons character.

Yes she successful, but who is she? When everything is taken away, that is what you must ask yourself; when you act in the name of becoming successful, ask yourself; is this staying true to who I am; or is it just in the name of where I want to be; every action you take will come to reflect on you, in what way is up to you; but when you reach that peak, that success; make sure you are proud of how you got there.

So, what is my method to the elusive word of success; well just like you I am yet to have a full proof how to succeed manual. But maybe together we can break down what success really means…

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The difference between having a goal and success

Disability is a battle of self sufficiency, six months ago I saw myself on one  path; but I am now on another and as I enter the next stage of rehabilitation; It is all in the name of my eventual self sufficiency, driving a car; going to uni, dating;  is the eventual self sufficiency we fight for, and every challenge and obstacle to get there; is something which will add to the pride; I will feel once I reach the sufficiency I seek. That self sufficiency however is not my success; it is rather my goal. How I measure my own success, will be in how many people I help; how I use my sufficiency and abilities to aid others in their lives; that will be my success and the foundation of my platform. There is a difference between having a goal, and reaching a successful point; writing this is a goal, building this venture to become successful is a goal; its eventual success I will measure by knowing my writing has had a positive influence. All your goals, add to your eventual success; just as your foundation of your platform is who you are; your goals are the bricks that build your platform and add to your points of success however you measure it. 

It is incredibly important to set yourself both long term and short term goals; they give you something to work towards, at times it can feel as if you are stuck, in fact for me right now it does; because I am currently about as far from self sufficiency, as I am from morphing into a dragon. However my short term goals, getting my casts off for an example; as well as my long term goals for this platform, mean so much more then the annoyance I might feel at my current situation, because where I am now is temporary; the present but; your goals; our goals set the tone for our futures, and add another layer of meaning to our eventual platform of success. 


Show me your friends and I will show you your future

We must face our challenges head on, you might be lucky; you might be yet to face challenges that were difficult to overcome; but there will come a time, when you need to face a challenges; unlike anyone else’s, and the truth is not a lot of people will understand or walk (roll) the road with you. Those that do, stay with you for the long haul; are the ones that always will, and just as you are incredible and deserve the best; those around you deserve the same.  Some people, I have known are built to further their own agendas; to work within their own ambitions, this kind of person; is an example of the kind of person; who will further you, from being your best self. In reaching out to others and making their days better, in giving  support and love; the same treatment will be returned to you. The people who serve you must also be served; these are the same people; who will share in your success as you will in theres. When choosing your inner circle; just remember that you must find people who see the gold in others as well as yourself, who give you themselves fully, without self serving motives; it is then you can push each other and become the best people; each other can be. These are the people, who will walk the road with you; who will support you, they are hard to come by; so honour them and honour yourself; show me your friends, show me your future. 


The importance of having Role Models

I went and had coffee; with one of my favourite people. She became a role model of mine because she manifested the sunshine, that was within everyones hearts and she bought that same sunshine out in everyone; without even trying, she is and always will be someone I look up to because she drove me to be a better person, a person who found the sunshine and gold, within everyone and bought it out in them, you can say whatever you want about the world, you can tear down the progression of the positive; but that will never dim the light inside of us, the sunshine and in having a role model; like this woman it makes you want to further this light in the world and in other people. She is magic and she makes me want to be the same, my other role models; cross many social lines; theres a rebel, a wheel black; the classy. I have more role models then I have had splints made; and that makes me a better person; I have do not look up to the people I do just because of their actions; I look up to them; because of who they are, what they have done, how they have kicked convention. There is nothing more motivating then looking at other people; and wanting to in some way learn from them; help them toward their goals and eventual success to in turn be a better person; having a role model is a subjective pursuit but having someone to learn from, grow from and look to is a pursuit we must all take; it leads to the bettering of ourselves and the growth of magic and sunshine that lives inside everyone.

Your success is your own

All great success comes with challenge and the turning of challenges into drive toward our goals and eventual success; when you are able to do this; it is an incredible thing. As you further your successes and gain traction in your chosen field, more and more people will back you; offer you successes. It is important, for you to remember during this time; that before your name was known; before people wanted to support you, you had the capabilities to support yourself; it was your own strength that got you to the point you are currently at, and as more people have your back; as more people know your name, or use your name for personal gains; remember that you are the reason they are able to do this, your successes are your own, they are the manifestation of the strength it took to overcome the hurt you felt, when you were told you weren’t good enough; your successes were the voice in your head that drove you, when you thought nothing could; and as people latch onto that success; never forget that you are the reason for them having the ability to do that, and if people tell you that they are the reason you are known or successful; show them the door; or keep them around and use them as yet another driving force, toward your success; because just as you will show those who doubt you; your ability. Show those who use you or degrade your successes; what you have done and what you can do.

Every challenge is an opportunity, to gain; toward your eventual success; I do not have a how-to sheet all I can tell you; is that you have the capabilities to do incredible things and I am here to remind you of that, to hand you the tools to create positivity from doubt, and maintain your goals; toward success. You can. I promise you, the only thing you cannot do is stand (or sit) still and watch life pass you by.



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