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The image that appears along with this post is of a book page from A Thousand Splendid Suns, a book which I estimate to be about five hundred pages, however there is one passage; in the whole novel, which strikes a cord with me

“One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her wall.”

This passage is a gem, a small piece of sparkling, wonder, beautiful and tragic; but incredible, this passage of the book; makes the reader wonder, perhaps creates a picture but most of all, it is simply a small piece of amazement, within a book which focuses on topics; that make you question the existence of empathy, compassion and justice.

We can translate this into our world, because we all inherently search for that piece of amazement or beauty within a world which can make you question the existence of such things.  In our search for the gems of the world, perhaps we forget one vital point; we all have the capabilities to be a gem.

A gem is a person, who believes the world is about more then themselves and their singular journey; but rather the world is about our journeys together, to better ourselves and in turn the world, because if we are able to find even a small piece of beauty and amazement in this world, no darkness or hatred, distrust or distaste will taint our findings

Even the smallest piece of a gem, will shine in the dark; radiating with the upmost beauty, turning everything around it, into a medium of that same beauty.

We all have the capability to become gems, being the light amongst darkness; or shining in spite of anything, is not an easy thing for an individual to do, however making the choice to do this, means more then it being a constant, if you search inside yourself and know that you, want to radiate and shine in goodness; passion and encouragement for others, and your own bettering;  then that one choice, is strong enough to see you through anything that might hinder your quest.

A true gem, is created under pressure; with the understanding that it will not break them, it will rather polish their shine;

If we know we all of us can be gems, the question is how; how do we come to be mediums of the light and passion the world deserves, as with all my posts I don’t have a “how to” book as a guide. But in my life, if there is one thing I have learned; it is that the ability to be a medium of light and shine is something that remains inherent, but is dominant, without active choice. Perhaps this will help you, make your choice. To shine or not to shine.

Find what you believe in,

Someone else can stand on my shoulders with what I leave behind and that knowledge grounds me to be the best person I can be.

The world will throw things at you, sets of circumstances will evolve as you do, and they’ll come to challenge you, they’ll be apart of what makes you question, being a gem. Because the truth is, you could not be one and it would be fine, you could rely on other people, you could in this world; just say “its bad enough so why does my smiling matter” well when this time comes, and you question everything, wether its worth it. Find what you believe in.

I believe in the resilience of the human spirit, of my own spirit. I believe in the ability to use words and actions as a result of words to shape and empower the world and its people, I believe in the words and actions of Jake Bailey, they continue to encourage me.  I believe that everything, will come; when the time is right. I believe it is not about ourselves, rather each other.

These beliefs ground me when I feel like giving up, these beliefs are the concrete to which on top of I will build my empire, they remain permanent and do not falter in the face of anything, they drive me to be a better person, so someone else can stand on my shoulders.  Your beliefs are, things that ground you and keep you shining; if you don’t know what they are yet, think of everything that has ever made you feel whole, anything that has ever filled your heart up so much that can’t imagine not doing it, not seeing it, not writing it, believing it ever again. All those things are your beliefs, concrete to which you build your empire.


No individual is your competition

“[Women]  individuals aren’t competition, we are an invitation to exponentially be more powerful” – Alexis Jones

I have had to learn this one, many times. I’m still learning it, I learned it again yesterday apparently its the gift that keeps on giving. I went to my school yesterday; and I have never felt so out of place there, as my friends get older, they are all doing what comes with the typical age. I am not; I realised there are two things I could do, I could try and do what they do; take of the splints and the harness, stop the therapy and go see a gig or I could sleep after working as hard as I can, I could breathe in and realise that my time will come it is just not now, I don’t think a lot of people realise that they have everything you want, everything you’ve worked so hard for, sometimes watching people or even talking to people; about the gigs or the boys or even the classroom work makes you realise, you are in a place few understand. We will all come to a place like that, in these times we must remember we are not in a competition, we are an invitation to others.

You must not live your life, mirroring someone else, what makes a gem, a gem is its unique abilities; unique story. So no matter how hard it is for me, I will always say “thats awesome that he said yes” “you really are doing so well” and I will mean it, because everybody, deserves to know that inherent truth; that gem like qualities live within them, I have to believe that my time will come; and that everyday is another day closer. You are not in competition you do not have to be, because you are an individual; however you must walk hand in hand with all the people, whom are around you; nobody gets anywhere, putting people down or belittling others for growth, it is in the encouragement and empowerment of others; you find who you are and when your time is.  You must shine, but you may not do it in the same way or time as another.

The development of other gems,

I have mentioned Jake Bailey a lot over the past few posts, but given that he is both articulate and easy on the eyes, it’s kind of hard for me not too,  he also has good grammar (can anyone say trifecta). Jake’s speech enabled the development of gems, because his words empowered others, enriched others and changed the view point of those whom were witness to his story; he in part developed gems as he enriched, empowered and helped others he also shone, with them. Because he too is the epitome of a gem.   People who develop gems do it without even really knowing it, it’s in the people who raise their smiles to strangers or who ask a waiter how he is, prior to ordering; the small things we do are witnessed and perhaps those whom see you smile, will later smile too,  this is developing gems; it is one of the most important quests you will go on. Because it is in the empowerment of others, the encouragement and success of others, we find humility; and shine ourselves because one day when we go, we must be safe in the understanding; that the world will continue to shine.

Most people think that disabilities are not bad, but hard to live with.  Sure it can be challenging, At times all you really want to do is give up. The thing to  remember is just keep on going no matter how much time and effort it takes. It with make you a stronger person underneath what everyone else sees. The main thing to remember is to not go to over board with how much you try. Little steps each day will lead up to a  huge milestone in the future. It can be very easy to get off track. Keep your chin up high and there could be something big just waiting for you around the corner

I have included the words of Briea Van Kempen, because the development of gems, is empowering young people through action, ability and giving them confidence to shine, through whatever medium they choose; as we develop gems, it is a chain effect, resulting in generations of shining individuals, who work as a collective to rival the sun.

Inner Beauty

Beauty as a word; has taken on the universally known meaning that is paired with clothes sizes or Sephoras, the reason inner beauty isn’t forced down your throat like Maybelline; comes from the fact that a lipstick colour is tangible, but inner beauty isn’t something you can hold onto; or wear. It is something, defined by its inability to be defined. People knock inner beauty and think it is some phrase made up by mothers to encourage children; but the truth is, anybody can put on a lipstick but not many people can make you feel beautiful, or capable; incredible or amazing with a smile, or in whatever medium they choose. Inner beauty is having the confidence to know, you are more then the brand of a lipstick; you are not defined by a shade of foundation, rather you are simply yourself, defined how you choose; confident; and radiating that same confidence as a tool for everyone; to apply and use to empower themselves and in their own lives. Your beauty, is such a way; ornate, incredible and inside you glowing because it is not defined by anything tangible, it is defined how you choose, beautiful for its inability to be defined. Inner beauty shines through you like sunbeams and does not wear off after 24 hours.

I hope these few gem-like tips enable you, to ask how and if you want to shine, because I know you are all capable and beautiful.

Our greatest fear is not that we are inaccurate but that we are powerful beyond measure, we are all meant to shine as children do.

Marianne Williamson

Seek Higher




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