Happiness and Other Pursuits

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Happiness, is something we all search for. In our own ways we find it, in cups of tea; in a smile from a stranger, or when we hear the laugh of someone we love. Happiness is subjective and unique, I love a good cup of coffee; a flat white on a Monday morning, brings me happiness; however for my best friend, it would be her absolute nightmare.

I have learned many times, that happiness isn’t so much about being around things that make you happy, it is rather about choosing to be happy, everyday. Happiness is a state of mind, found in conscious choice. You do not have to be happy  all day everyday, because sure that would be unrealistic; but finding true happiness is about, breathing in and saying you know what, I am going to be happy; and find that state of mind. Even if its just for a moment. Because if you choose, those single moments of happiness, will come to mean more then your hardships. Happiness is a state with substance, not longevity; and for us to appreciate such things, we must go through hardships; and if we only learn one thing from them, let it be the appreciation of happiness and happy times.

On the day of my surgery, I was not in a state even close to that of happiness, I didn’t cry or really show outward emotion until the moment they put me under, and that day remains a haze; however clear in my memory, is the morning traveling to the hospital; when a friend of mine was texting me jokes about hospital being like camping, it is intense or in tents. Along with other jokes that consisted of phrases like “off your face” I remember that moment, I remember laughing like nothing else mattered; and four months later, all the icky parts of that day have faded, but that one memory remains vivid and always will, because even if I on that day couldn’t find any happiness, someone else gave it to me for just a little while; and I am able to find happiness, within myself about that day, because of that one moment.

If there is anything I believe whole heartedly, it is that one singular moment, means more then an entire collection of times, we must believe in the presence of happiness; and if you have, people around you; your loved ones and friends, they will remind you of the existence of happiness; when you forget. 

On that note, let me tell you about the time I went to the Breakers; yes I know you all came here to listen to me talk about Tom Abercrombie, and no. 42 and 3 (good genes)  well the Breakers were fantastic; and it was as I described to many of my friends the. best. time. ever. However I wanted to actually tell you first about some people who vastly contributed to the fact that this day was monumentally fantastic, the two people who drove in our car to the stadium. Firstly, my tag team member one of the therapists at rehabilitation, I genuinely have always believed that happy people attract happy people; but it is proved when you meet this therapist, for kids like us; all we need to start making us feel better, is just a little bit of happiness; all the therapists give us this in spades; but on the day we met the Breakers, we were given happy vibes it in buckets; this therapist illustrates in full colour, the importance and place of finding happiness, to be whole.  She, is like a star that guides the way; and that is what we can learn from her.

Happiness and its state; should not just be something we keep within ourselves, enclosed. But it rather should be something we let shine out of us, because how can happy people attract happy people, if we don’t shine it out of us, and allow it to be evident in all our actions, when we do things for others, or greet people, if we do it showing the bubbly, happy side we choose to have. Well who knows, you may have just made someone elses day better, you may have given them that moment, in a state of happiness. I was already monumentally excited at the Breakers; but that day, was about more then the game, the players or the smiles.

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Yesterday, was about knowing that we have reached a point; we aren’t in hospital, we aren’t in the first stages of rehabilitation. Yes we have a long way to go; but we can make it, because we have made it here and for me, this was something; I did for others, and that is where I find true happiness; what we can learn from that therapist, is that showing happiness everyday even in a small way; will push those around us forward, and give everyone hope; that happiness and its state, is not illusive but achievable. Same goes for the other wonderful woman, who took us to the Breakers; because she sung in the car, and on days when you feel like maybe you should have given up; she always has a joke.

The embodiment of happiness, is in the empowerment of others to be the same way, I have learned this here and especially, yesterday.

Because, the Breakers; didn’t win the championships back to back like they did, just because they’re incredible on court, which they are (they also have awesome shoes) but the fact that they wo also comes down to their embodiment of the values the club stands for, family, integrity. The ten values that hang round that gym, are the sum of what every game means to them, and win or lose they do so with those values in tact, and that is how and where they find a state of happiness, because as those values are placed of high merit, so to is the game and so to are they – not just great players; great people too.


Wherever you find happiness, whatever you’re going through. Know the quest to find and share happiness and its state of mind, is a worthy pursuit and just like the Breakers, be sure to know; who you are and what you value; be a person you are proud to be, and once you do that, you have already found happiness. Believe in the pursuit. And even more then that know, that we are only human; and on the days when it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall, take a step back; every wall has a door. Make it through, I believe in you.


Seek Higher.




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