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This past Wednesday I received a scholarship acknowledgement for my work in the previous year of NCEA. It was a massive achievement for me, in fact considering I didn’t sit the externals; it was an even bigger achievement.

However, my achievement means more because when I accepted it, thanked people for their congratulations. I bought with me, my friend Humility;

Humility is the common understanding that your achievements are not worth anymore or any less then another persons. Rather we’re all equal in value no matter what.

Being Humble is seeing everyones value and respecting it; having humility is celebrating your successes with others;

Because the truth is, a person with awards and thousands of successes, is still just a person. In every success you should ask yourself who would I be if this went away? Every badge will lose it shine, your name will fade in peoples minds, but what will always be remembered; is how you made people feel, what will always remain, is your character as a person. Who will you be when the success fades; will you be happy with that person and if your working toward success how you define it, be humble; because an idiot with awards; is firstly an idiot. (Kayne an example)

All people; who come to be respected and admired in their chosen fields have have done so through the practice of humility in conjunction with their hard work, the truth is; an individual is not alone responsible for their recognitions, they will always have people behind them, support; aid, your recognition is yours but it is also the manifestation of the effort others put into you,  those who believed in you and your capabilities. Your coaches, teachers, believed in you enough to push you and help you, toward your recognition; by ignoring humility, are you making those people proud?  Are you acknowledging, their worth; No no you are not.

Being Humble does not mean you think less of your recognition or devalue yourself; it means in your recognition you think of others

What you can do for society? What others have done for you? How else you can better yourself? Are some of the questions asked by all successful, recognised people. Because you do not settle in success; you work past it, constantly pushing yourself; one of the best things I have ever heard is “fighters push past the achievable, then push some more”

Recognition is not an aim, it is but a luxury; because if you really believe, love and feel passion for what you are doing, you will work hard and it will not be for a trophy, or a name on a sign; you wil work hard because you love it and you want to and if you receive recognition and awards; it will be great. You will celebrate, but if you are meant to be doing it, if you love it. You would’ve kept doing it, even if you didn’t get the awards or recognition.

People will forget, everything; they will remember; how you made them feel.


Seek Higher,




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