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Lets talk self talk you know what I am talking about don’t you. The voice in your head, your inner-monologue. Because the truth is, what we say to ourselves and what we think about ourselves means more then anyones opinion of us; when we master positive self talk, we can break down any barrier and be on our way, toward our best selves.

We know that self talk is our “inner monologue” but what does that mean?

I am so glad you wondered, ask yourself what types of things run through my head when I get up in the morning for school or what is the first thing I think of when I look at myself in the mirror or finish a test?

That is your inner monologue; and it is responsible for your mindsets, which then effect your approach, you might think “crap another morning” but then after that morning coffee, you should give your inner monologue a shake and forget how your morning felt to start off with, if you carry negativity; through your day, nothing good will come from that. Find the positive, even if it takes two coffees; self talk is the voice you have when nobody is around and it is that voice, which must encourage, empower and challenge you the most.

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Self talk is constant and although there is no correct way to practice it, here are some things to remember when that inner monologue comes on.

Negative self talk does not create positive results

Lets go back to that morning we were talking about, there is nothing wrong with hating getting up on this cold winters morning, but if that warm coffee doesn’t energise you and switch your gloom to great, then make sure it is something! There has to be a point in the day when you switch around that self talk and preach some sort of positivity, because honey nobody is going to do it for you and if you expect the world to open doors for you, when you act as if you’re trapped; you are mistaken.

If everything seems negative find something to reignite yourself, it could even be the solace you find in the knowledge that your really bad day is ending and a new one is starting, the slate; once gloomy now clean and bright. Whatever your self talk is telling you, find something positive to say within yourself! Because negativity will never alone create positivity, however negativity will always be a tool, in the quest to find positivity! One positive statement has remarkable strength find it and believe in it.

Find something to believe in

“He makes firm the footsteps of those who delight in him” 

Belief is one of those things, that will always get you through. It could be faith, or it could be the simple belief you have in your own abilities and resilience, but it is when you find something to believe in your self talk; enhances for the better.

Because if you believe in your future and your opportunities, your self talk; will adapt to believe this too. If you find something to believe in, and work to develop your passions; you will never be stuck within the positive; because your self talk will push you toward the positive.

Your inner monologue should always be the voice that encourages you, and if you find a belief; if you develop your passions, your “inner voice” will be further ignited.

“Good” self talk is not a constant

In an ideal world, where chocolate is given at breakfast; we’d like to believe that all of our inner monologue “self talk” is positive. This is not the case, because it is human nature to see our flaws, before our positives; our head will say “this could be better” before we say “this looks great” and that is okay, as long as you can tell the difference between “good” self talk and the other stuff . You know who you are, and you know your own monologue, good self talk; is not constant. But having effective self talk, is learning to decipher the positive from everything else; finding your value and seeing your worth within everything.


And so, self talk is always going to be there; it is that voice, within you and you have the power over what it says, find something to believe in and develop your passions; so you can become your best self; and on days when your inner monologue is doom and gloom, remember theres always cups of tea! Tea, can fix anything; and we’re here too we believe in you! Master that self talk.


Seek Higher, 






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