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Fancy a revolution? Yeah ya do.

This is a revolution of words, because too often we use language derived from self doubt, rather then possibility. That has to change.

Thanks to campaigns like Spread the Word to End the Word it is changing. People are becoming more and more aware of the language they use and the effect it comes to have.

The question is are you aware?

Let me give a little example, say someone at your work or school got a new haircut, you can see how much she loves it, but you don’t think it looks the best, along with the rest of your peers. You wouldn’t dream of saying anything though. That’s mean. However you don’t stop your peer or co-worker from making that side comment she made and through out the day you don’t stand up for new-haircut-girl when sniggers arise that you all heard.


That is our error.


Sure we don’t directly do anything wrong I mean we didn’t say anything. But language isn’t just about what you say. Because all language manifests in action.

The revolution of language we are creating is about realising; that we must use our voice in aid of others, not just for ourselves and in order to create positive language, we must follow through with positive action.


So back to hair-cut girl. In line with our revolution, here is what we could do better.

You hear that person in the office snigger about your peers new hair-cut. You don’t bite, or say anything to the snigger-er.

But when the opportunity arises, you go up to new haircut-girl and you say “I have never seen you look so happy and that makes your eyes sparkle like sunshine, you do you. If you like your hair and it makes you as happy as you are now, don’t let anyone tell you anything different girl!”

Our revolution is not about calling out every human being who speaks poorly about another human being. Our revolution is about recognising negative speech and making an effort in the quiet moments, to resurrect this.

Us making sure that we are speaking life and watering peoples souls to growth, that is our revolution. 


Because we cannot control or change what other people say. However we can make sure we speak life and positivity and empowerment when the opportunity arises – but also everyday.

To yourself as well as others, such as “girl I do look really good in these jeans” make sure you yourself have a soul filled with life and words alight with joy, you cannot give others this if you do not have it yourself.

A revolution happens in the quiet moments, in the moments where passion and language outweigh oppression or negativity. Art sparked the French Revolution did you know that? We are a spark in this language revolution. Speak life.

To the beautiful Stephy who always has something nice to say. Keep speaking life honey. You are apart of this revolution. 

Seek Higher



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