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All dreams come with hard work,  that’s what our parents drill into us, thats what our teachers accompany the start of every lesson with.

But what is hard work? To answer that question, let me tell you about Amber.

I met a young woman named Amber in 2012, while I was in rehabilitation, we were the same age. Both in wheelchairs, both going through a lot.

We both pushed our wheelchairs, in the Hope and Possibility race which was a 5km run (we obviously didn’t run too cool for that)

Together we rebuilt our strength, together we maintained our resilience.

Fast forward to now, we’re back in the same position. I am in rehab once more, her story is hers but she is going through a lot too.

What does this have to do with hard work?

For four years we’ve both worked, so hard to rebuild our strength, it takes 18 months on average to return to your healthy state after surgery.

That work we put in is hard to comprehend, the therapy, trying to keep up with school, sometimes it feels like just trying to fit back in is more work then you’re capable.

But then a couple years pass and you feel okay like you can handle it, like it is all going to be okay. Until it’s not.

Because you have another operation or get more news, within a three hour operation or even a three minute foretelling all that you built can break. You have to re-learn, you have to adapt once more, you have to work even harder.

In my life I have had sixteen procedures, so I have had to re-build sixteen times. The same goes for Amber, she has had to re-build numerous times.

The amazing thing about that though is it has given us an understanding of the true value of hard work.

Hard work is forming a dream and putting the manifestation of that dream above any adversity that might come to be in your way. 

Hard work is knowing that the ground you walk on will shift and at times break; but knowing your footsteps ahead of time. So you can at least try and make an effort, to land where you once planned too. 

This is what Amber and I have learned, because even as the ground shifts and breaks, even as everything we worked to build shattered, we had a dream. We have a dream and it will be the basis of everything we work hard for.


Amber wants to go into bio-medicine, I want to do all-kinds-of-things

What do you want to do?

With this coming day, with your life, what is your dream?

Know it, believe in it, but most of all know that the ground might shift; things might break.

But if you know where you want to go, if you have an idea of the footsteps you need to take, you can get there, even on a slightly broken path.



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  1. March 29, 2016 / 9:48 am

    Thank you for this post. I found this to be a great read. For me the hard work will be going back into education after being taken off of a degree course that I was loving but after reading this I have a bit more acceptance that I can do it if I put myself forward one step at a time. Knowing that I am doing it for me and I will be better of for it so thank you.

    • March 29, 2016 / 9:50 am

      I am so glad we were able to help you. We’re here to encourage you. Keep going! You are able to do amazing things!

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