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At the time the bachelor started playing on New Zealand television screens it seemed every single person within a five mile radius of me, began asking if I watched it. I did not.

I would say to them, “no I don’t because it is indicative of social divide” most of the time I said that in a joking manner, because I understood that the majority of people, watched because they wanted to actually see the thing that happened to the chick before it turns into a meme or inside joke at the office. I get it.

I let the bachelor go, the same way I let what Kylie wore and what her sister said slide into the back of my mind.

Until now. You see I don’t have a problem with reality television or entertainment television, I watch it at times, I know the storylines.

As I said the majority of people, watch for the sole purpose of “keeping up”, entertainment. That’s fine, you do you.

But here’s my problem, the bachelor has become a talking point, it has become an influence. For adults, the influence could potentially be overlooked, because we’re “big enough” to look after ourselves – what that chick did, how she talked, shrugged off in a “I wouldn’t say that, my daughter wouldn’t do that, my sister, my brother would never say what he said or act like he did” and so on. Here’s the thing though, what if they did. Young people watch these shows, young people who are finding their definitions of authenticity, discovering their worth and young people who need positive role models, about how to conduct yourself as a person as well as in a relationship.

If you asked the people in the years below me at college if they watched this programme, the majority would probably say yes, even if they didn’t watch it, they’d have seen the endless stream of slow-media-day articles detailing, in a few short sentences, the magazine cover this woman did, a contestant of the bachelor, who just this last week did this shock value action to whats his face – that is what young people (notice I said people not women) see that is what they are exposed to.

So let me ask you, that positive role model that young people need, are they being given it through this programme? Hell no.


Auckland Art Gallery because you are a work of art.

Just as I was sitting down to write a post for Nobody But Joe, I did one last scroll of my newsfeed, this was on the day that the “result” was shown of who “won” and that woman yelled awful and not-worth-quoting things at the audience of the results “live” show. I was scrolling and seeing the usual babble that I am sure you too have seen. But then, there was a light if you will, a news platform talking about a man named Adam Bennett and his views on the Bachelor. I have linked them in here, so if you’d like to read them, have at it. But heres an insight into my thought process:

Reads headline of article Adam Bennett shares views on bachelor. I think ‘this seems like something actually worth reading about this debacle’

             So I read his views

After reading…. Someone get this guy a rose. The media is slowly clawing its way back from the reality-tv-induced hole it is in and reporting something of substance, that can help someone.

Long story short, Adam Bennett, needs a rose, perhaps one given away from television platforms. For those of you who don’t know a lot about Adam Bennett, I am not going to lie, the first time I heard of him was when I declared he needed a rose after reading his views on this here bachelor, upon my search however, I found that he runs a company called Highlife Entertainment, he is well known, he has pull in high places. He might be a lot of things that I don’t know, because the closest I get to the high life is an elevator, but he has pull and he is using it in a way which helps, which furthers some kind of positive action within individuals. Get him a rose.

I had planned to write a post about the magnificent Nobody but Joe, but my scroll and Adam Bennett’s words and this whole bachelor hype (nonsense) I realised that the California based natural skin care company and Bennett’s words, are actually quite similar. They both have a lot to teach us about what it means to look after yourself and others.

Nobody But Joe is a body scrub that is 100% naturally made, being organic and cruelty free, made in California, it is basically the impiety of natural products and as I was thinking about the bachelor, about all this hype I asked myself.


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Instagram: Nobody But Joe


What does it mean to be natural? I mean as people, because it seems like everything that we’re surrounded by has layers upon layers that work to build natural, authenticity, within what is deemed to “sell”. Wether it be the bachelor and all it’s staging or the Instagram photos of beautiful ladies (inside and out) with filters up the wazoo that are not needed. Natural is rare and so too are you. I have spoke so much about authenticity, the beautiful you, and you know all of that wonderful stuff – so instead of saying that you are an authentic beautiful human, with so much value I am instead going to link the posts that say this truth, here and here. (there’s more then two so have a search at your own leisure darlin’) 

Right now however, I want to talk about Nobody But Joe, an example of what can be created when the process is natural, a product so rare and beautiful that it is powerful able to make change. For products this means that natural will eventually become to norm not the niche. And this is because of products like Nobody but Joe, that pave the way, show what natural can do.

So just with this example, we can ask ourselves what are we watching? Is it natural, is it real and is it something that people can grow in positivity, ability and worth from. Natural can pave the way, that is what Adam Bennett is doing by sharing his thoughts paving the way for us to think about what we’re watching and how it is effecting us. Because you are authentic, beautiful and you should watch things that show you such a truth. The bachelor does not show or depict this truth, watch for entertainment, not truth. 

Get Adam Bennett a rose. Away from Television Platforms. 

I’ve called the florist.


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