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Fashion is art and you are the canvas. But what happens when the paint isn’t avalible? What if you have the paint and the canvas but no brush?

And no I am not saying that they didn’t have the skirt I wanted in the colour I loved. Because they did, pencil skirt, black, leather (love) however when I went to try it on, when I went to be the canvas. There were no changing rooms I could fit into. So I had the canvas, I had the art piece but no way of trying it on that’s what you’d think right?


I tried on that skirt, putting it over my leggings in the middle of the changing room waiting area, next to two European tourists who found the situation humorous. I must admit, I found it humorous. However among the laughter, I wondered why there was no way for my canvas to try on the art. Metaphorically I say.


I mean there are a lot of people like me in the world. I am sure they’d want a leather pencil skirt, or how about easy access into the shop that sells the skirt. Because every shop I went into except Laura Ashley, had some sort of mini everest blocking me from the beauty that is New Market clothes shops.

Now man, don’t get me wrong I went into all those shops (doing my research prior about which are best ethically – the information was out there) I went into the shops and I had a fabulous day, I also looked awesome in that skirt, so I bought it. I didn’t let the obstacles of my shopping day get in the way, but there were a lot of obstacles.

Some of them weren’t even environmental, I mean stairs, bumps are all part in parcel, but when the sales assistants give you blank looks when you ask for assistance and help to try things on or to get around the store. That is an unneeded obstacle.  It is not hard to be pleasant and helpful. I mean is it harder then I think? All I was asking was for something to be moved, or a little hand there and here and I was met with a look that made me think I was asking them for entrance into Narnia. (I might have been able to fit into the Narnia closet easier then the changing room aye?) grace-stratton-grace-georgia-blog

I wrote this, not to complain, because I am used to it, in fact going out in the city, with all the people twice my height and the rush to get out of peoples way. It is frustrating, but it also makes me appreciate the few people that move out my way and bow their heads slightly to acknowledge me, example the boy from Mt Albert Grammar who did this for me when I took a trip with school to the art gallery, one out of 50 or so young people moved out of my way without being asked or haphazardly shifting at last minute, I notice that because it is so beautiful in it’s rarity.

For all annoyances that I had on this day and for the amount of times I wished that people would just smile more, I have to believe in the small amount of people who do these things, who smile, who walk on the left, who notice the pram coming toward them. And that is why I am writing this post. To remind you that just as fashion is art so too are you the artist. The colours you paint  are how you act, if you paint with acknowledgement, compassion, kindness that leaves a picture, art that reflects such things. You are the artist, what are you painting?


You are art and your actions leave a picture, think about that. The next time you’re out, if you see someone like me, with bags of shopping and looking like they have had a great time, know that that is down to the fact that in spite of every stair, every mini everest encountered, they love the skirt enough to try it on in front of German tourists. Use that knowledge in your own lives and push through the mountain, or up the New Market hill, to see the view or the Stolen Girlfriends Club clothing.  You are strong enough to put what you love, above the obstacles to get there.

You are art, your actions are what you paint. What you paint is a mark on everyone you meet. What mark are you making.

am going to go put my leather skirt on now, it looks damn good. 


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