You Don't Need to Walk to Deadlift: My day with American Adaptive Athletes

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Thursday’s for the last two months or so, have been the highlight of my week. Why? Because, Hashtag.

Hashtag; not as in the twitter handle lingo, as in my Crossfit Trainer. (His nickname is Hashtag for reasons unknown to me) he comes to school and trains me on Thursdays.

On that day I can take all of my week, all of the times I got stuck in the lift, almost fell over, almost let my inside-my-head-thoughts outside my head; I can take it all and put it into a workout.

Also Hashtag’s banter is top notch, we all win on Thursdays.

But today, was next level.

In between gym banter a couple Thursday’s ago, I was told about a conference that was happening, the first of it’s kind in New Zealand; talking about adapting Crossfit for people who may need to for physical or cognitive reasons. I was also told it was led by some legends from America,

(Hola at Amanda, Sara and Max MVP!) and so of course; on board I was.

As the week progressed, toward the conference; I realised it was about more then going to help out or to learn (or meet some adaptive legends both American and New Zealander) it was about going so I could tell all of you about it. Because you may not have to adapt anything about your life at the moment, but one day you will and you need to see how epic it can be.

First off the gym for me; Adaptive Crossfit, is about a hell of a lot more then working out, it is what I need to do. It teaches you to carry out basic movements well. It allows you to discover your own strength. I worry, about how I will do simple things, like if I drop something how I will get it, when I have children how will I pick them up. There are all these questions about my life, about how I will do things; who I’ll be. But they will not remain questions; they are calls of action. Crossfit allows for that.

Okay, so you can’t pick something up of the floor; what are we going to do about it? If we teach you an adapted deadlift, then you are doing Crossfit activity but you are also learning vital movement patterns. Functional movement patterns.

Crossfit has meant that all of the questions that I have about my life are slowly being answered, I can now; get things off the floor. I will always have new things that I question, struggle with, are challenged by; Crossfit allows each and every one of those things to push me further instead of hold me back. It is never about being content with not doing something or feeling sorry for yourself. It’s saying, this is how it is now; this is what will always be; but what can we do.

Adapted, New Zealand, Adapted Crossfit, Crossfit

It was so great to go into a juice bar, with pretty much the most diverse group of people; ever and have some adaptive banter and sarcasm with the lads; It was even better to be in an environment, where everything was embraced and challenged; to do more, better was the goal. One of the things that frustrates me most, is that sometimes people have lower expectations of me, of what I can do. But I want people to expect more from me then I do myself; so I am pushed harder. In Crossfit; with Hashtag and on this day; that was the exact culture and it was beautiful.

This is how it is now; this is what will always be; but what can we do.

That ladies and gentlemen; is Crossfit.


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