Why it's good to make the outside match the inside // Body image and a Beach

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If you clicked on this because you were pulled in by the Clinique photos and array of various descriptive words in the title… Welcome friend! I should probably tell you a bit of backstory right?

That gorgeous woman in the picture her name is Annalee and I had the absolute privilage of getting my make up done by her. She has a Youtube channel, so make sure you check it out for all things smokey eyed, highlighted and New Zealand made; girl power.

As I was sitting (rather awkwardly and with slight fear) getting my face all beauty-fied by this gem I was immediately awe struck by her. She was so beautiful, put together and around me there were people who were all the same way, I was freaking out about sitting here; with Clinique products all around me. I didn’t know what I was doing, if I was good enough.

And then she says to me “so tell me about what you do” the fact that this person wanted to know about me. I was so honoured, I then became immediately settled; because I saw that just as she had something to offer me, I had something to offer her. At the end of the day I told her thank you, thank you for making me look gorgeous(er) but also I told her that she is gorgeous inside and outside. Because it is so important we value one another and what each person can give.

Even though Annalee very kindly settled me and I completely trusted her make-up skills, I was still worrying about whether or not I’d be able to do what I was going to. Then I looked in the mirror.

Staring back at me, was the same Grace as before but one slightly more highlighted and Clinique’d and she looked ready to do anything she set her mind too and in that moment I knew it was all possible and it was all okay.

Making an effort on our outside truly does effect and enhance our inside, if lipstick gives you confidence or if odd socks gives you comfort then do it. Individual expression is the first step to confidence and so EXPRESS yourself.


I looked in the mirror and I remembered my weekend, I had coffee with one of the future leaders of our generation (yes seriously.. I am picking it now) but I met his parents, and after shaking their hands and greeting the awesome people they’re I turned to the future leader of our generation and I said

“Did they know I was in a wheelchair” and he said “No, why would it matter”

Valid point.

But here’s the thing, it did. It did matter to me, because I wanted these people, not just his parents but the people with Annalee as well, to like me. (they’re that cool you want them all in your circle) To know that this, my use of a wheelchair is a part of me, not the defying circumstance of myself – I used to think I made that point clear, by telling people about my wheelchair in advance; so they’d get used to the idea and then I can stun them in person with my charm.

That’s actually wrong – instead I should treat every day and every encounter like I am looking in the mirror after Annalee did my make up. This is who I am and I am looking good right now, I may not be good at highlighter application but I can feel good on the inside.

I should also take a lesson from one of the future leaders of our generation. That lesson is to walk into a room and be confident in the knowledge that people know who you are, because you’re beautiful on the inside and the outside and have something to give.




  1. July 3, 2016 / 1:02 am

    That’s definitely the best part about makeup, it can make you feel so much better…

    • July 3, 2016 / 12:21 pm

      For sure! But we’re beautiful either way, all about confidence. Thanks for your lovely comment, hope you enjoy Letters to Corey x

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