Let us unapologetically chase our dreams

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Gypsy Pirate’s dreamer shirt makes us want to dream and be a dreamer.

Look out for our roundtable those guys were dreamers and world changers too like you.”



Over the past few days I’ve been talking to a few students. One of them, an engineering student, also chasing his music and photography dreams.

“You have a lot of dimensions to you” I said to him, yeah a few was his reply. He then told me that despite studying a career with one of the highest academic entry scores, “he’s not super smart he just works hard.”

While he is also furthering his music career and has an established photography platform.

His many dimensions and story of hard work got me thinking, if one person can get where they are by working hard and believing in their dreams, then why can’t all of us do the same.

We have dreams, we all do. So why do we stall in the chase of them? I’ve come up with a few reasons why and lets talk about why all these reasons, are wrong and we need to learn to keep chasing our dreams unapologetically.

First of all, we seem to be afraid of Tall Poppy syndrome. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, it’s basically if us humans were all a field of poppies; when one of us grow extra tall it is human nature, for the others to want it torn down.

It is saying that in success, people will envy you, or want to tear you down and sometimes we let the fear of being a Tall Poppy stop us from succeeding and working toward growing.

Heres the issue with that one.

If you let the fear of people envying, critiquing or just plain not being nice to you in your success, stop you from finding success, working hard and dreaming. You do not only rob yourself of the greatness you deserve but you leave the world wanting.

You have something to give, so give it. Dream and work hard, grow tall because people wanting to tear you down will be apart of life, sometimes you won’t be everyones friend and that is okay. That is more then okay, because the people who are your friend will always love you and stick by you, the others will just drive you further and higher toward your dreams.

People will want to tear down your Tall Poppy but you don’t have to let them, you can keep growing.

The most important thing to remember, is when you grow, grow others toward their dreams with you. Do not push other people down, because that’s not growing or dreaming that is over taking and scheming.

Dreamers dream together and bring out the best in one another. Bring your friends up, dream with those who don’t know how to dream and then one day, all our poppies can grow in height; equally beautiful, differently beautiful, epic dreamers all the same. It doesn’t all have to happen now either, your dreams won’t shoot up and be done in two days or a week. All growth is growth toward your dreams. Toward your futures.

As long as you work hard, I am telling you; you’ll grow and get there. You’ll get to that place you want to go, whether your dream is buying a boat, moving to Mexico or having a degree at Monash, every day matters toward your dream; everything is dream giving, dream helping and assisting.

Unapologetically dream today, tomorrow and all the days after; but as you grow, grow others too.


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