Humanity through Ice-Cream: Christianity

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“Always honour someone’s humanity, what they believe and how it differs to your beliefs is secondary to that. Honour their humanity first” – Mick Duncan

Before you make a hasty exit out of this tab because you think I’m going to start preaching at you, don’t worry I am not. Because yes I am a Christian, but I’d be lying if I said I was sure of my faith 100% of the time. However when I am belting out Hillsong, listening to my youth pastor spin some legendary yarns, or just having coffee after going to the beach. I know that God is there and I couldn’t imagine not being a Christian.

But sometimes I do question faith and struggle to fully wrap my yarn around that of Christianity.

I am not writing to convince you of God.

I think sometimes religion is not talked about because of fear. Fear of offending or being without answers and I can tell you many times, that I have defended faith. Because for all of my questions I do believe in it.

I wanted to write down some thoughts because if you don’t know church, if you never have, you should. Not so you can believe in it right away but so you can make a choice.

Put it this way if I said to you my most favourite ice cream flavour was Vanilla 95% of you would think I was off my wheelchair, because that is the most basic flavour, and there is so many more great ones! But Vanilla might be my favourite flavour because it’s the only one I have ever tried.

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Featuring Danielle Zondervan // Shot by Sam Bernard

I have nothing to compare it to. If you never go to church, if you never even learn about faith or most importantly if you let other peoples opinion limit your exploration of faith, then you’re getting Vanilla. When you could get triple fudge chocolate.

Faith is something you have to experience and form your own opinion of. If after going to the Ice-cream shop and testing out a bit of chocolate fudge you think “oh I prefer vanilla” that is more then okay, as long as we all respect each others choice of flavour.

Don’t knock it until you try it.

Now that you know all things are vanilla and chocolate fudge – aka that faith is entirely your own choice. Here are some other things I’ve learned during my time in the chocolate fudge ice cream shop (aka church) even if you’re thinking “I’m totally vanilla” read them. Because they apply to life outside of the ice cream shop too.

People will say interesting things that doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful

In church, or the ice cream shop, people say some interesting things sometimes these comments are more frequent if you are different then others. Such as me being in a chair and you can’t let peoples interesting comments bother you, it is really important to remember that one persons view, is not the view of the entire ice cream shop.

If you let one persons comments stop you from eating ice cream, you may as well just go on a constant Kale diet.

Because at the end of the day nobody agrees with everybody all of the time and as long as you know who you are and are strong. You can handle the ice cream shop – never let peoples comments take your respect and love for others, because when you loose that you’re pretty much all Kale all the time.

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Styled by: Nathan Simkin of True North Clothing // Photo by: Sam Bernard from MSD X LTC // Matt Hanson is one of the pastors at my church, he is also one of my favourite people, I count myself very lucky to have him in my life and now you have a piece of him in yours too.

Acceptance. Always.

People don’t often openly talk about Faith and that is largely because all of us are sometimes unsure of where the line between; this is awesome let me share it with you and shove it down your throat like Bob the Builders digger is. I can’t tell you where that line is either but I have experienced both sides of the line. What I have learned is, everyone is at a different place and we need to accept that, if there is a time when we can talk about faith and everyone is in a place that they can listen, then scream it from the rooftops.

But we also need to know when to shut up.

We have to accept and respect other people. That is the bottom line.

In any context.

Just accept other people it is not hard.

My faith is growing all the time and it is because of the people I have around me. Each of us may be getting some chocolate fudge, but in the words of Matthew Hanson, resident of the Ice cream shop I go to “we all go for some Vanilla now and then” because ice cream is still ice cream we need to love each other no matter what. 

With the biggest of ups to Matthew Hanson, if you don’t know by now you’re pretty damn cool so thanks for always being in that Ice Cream shop, you’re who I aim to be like 




  1. July 23, 2016 / 1:43 am

    Love this perspective! Also your pastor’s hair is the bomb 🙂

    • July 23, 2016 / 10:56 am

      Thank you! Yes his hair is awesome

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