Chlöe Swarbrick: No Kicker A Straight Hitter

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Chlöe Swarbrick told me the story of her second to last year at college. She detailed a teacher in a creative subject who disagreed with her every thought, despite Chlöe’s insistence that the content was subjective, requiring acknowledgement of different perspectives – there couldn’t be one ‘right’ answer. That year, Swarbrick failed all of her internal examinations in this subject, but excelled in her external ones, which in her words “begged a question of bias.” Swarbrick however, quickly shrugged off the memory, having got over it a long time ago.

Instead of allowing the bias of her adult powers to dictate her thought process Chlöe thought bigger, she ended up leaving her high school behind and going to university a year earlier then planned.

Since then Swarbrick has continued to aim high and shoot straight for her goals, succeeding in this and having many achievements to show for it, including running a mens clothing label at just eighteen.Four years after this she continues to trail blaze, running a campaign to become Auckland City Mayor. Chlöe along with her team of videographers, photographers, technological guru’s and overall change makers, have challenged the very core of what the Mayoral campaign means.

Bringing three dimensions to an election I personally would describe, prior to Swarbrick’s entry, as flat.

Right about now are you calculating on your fingers how old Chlöe is and wondering if you miscounted? How about I save you the trouble of checking and just tell you, she’s 22. Swarbrick’s age seems to matter to the masses, with almost every single large media platform having the number of years she’s lived headlined, before that of her intentions if she was to be Mayor of our city.


Instead of using my word count to question the value and depth of current mainstream media, I am going to do what Chlöe did in response to her teacher, I am going to rise above and create something new, present something different and straight shoot.

Funny isn’t it? Because those are the things that Swarbrick has been doing in her Mayoral campaign, and these things are what she aims to do if she becomes mayor.

To make sure she presents differently, straight shoots and rises above to create something new, Chloe has consulted with experts in various fields, while developing her policies and proposals, this has given her depth of knowledge.

Swarbrick also uses technology such as Reddit to spark a honest and modern political conversation. A conversation that has engaged those who missed the many flyers and newspaper articles printed by her competitors.

Swarbrick describes “a lower bar of entry [for young people]” meaning, because Chlöe knows and understands technology she is able to use it to her advantage, easily gaining voice and traction for her cause; Facebook, Youtube and all things on the technological frontline, allow Chlöe to have an edge in this race, because she appeals to those once absent from politics.

Those able to vote, but young.

Most young people don’t care about politics, fact. If you ask Chlöe she’d tell you young people should all have some knowledge of politics, politics is in everything we do, but most people don’t really invest time in the latest happenings of Goff do they?  This is because politics, the council, and mayoral campaigns, before Chlöe lacked relevance to our time.

Chlöe has made this campaign relevant, and dare I say interesting

To quote Swarbrick she is the only person running for mayor, who “doesn’t own a home and I [Chlöe] use public transport daily.” Chlöe is not in an ivory tower, hearing about these issues, she is on the street too, living them. This makes Swarbrick’s campaign even stronger. She is not just fighting for Auckland, she is fighting for herself too and this means she’ll fight as hard as she needs to.

Chlöe details to us, that her policies will focus on both transport and housing, however she is making sure they are “water tight” before announcement.

Chlöe will hopefully be, the catalyst for more young people to be invested in politics and understand what mayor means. These things will hopefully also be what makes her the stand out to become our cities mayor.

Chlöe said to me that she was “placed in the kicker spot” meaning in TV, she was the light hearted piece, the young and bright eyed striver and although she is all those things Swarbrick is no kicker.

She’s a straight shooter, and perhaps the others running in this campaign need to realise that Swarbrick, does anything but miss.



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