Bringing new light into Europe’s red light district’s: Hope Dies Last

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Amy, of Hope Dies Last always knew travel, at fifteen her parents moved her family to Sudan. After bearing witness to many atrocities in her time overseas Amy came home for a short time and then set her sights on staffing a Kenyan based orphanage.

As the years passed Amy found a life’s calling to serve those whom most would not; those in red light districts.

She does this service with a team who go by the name “Hope Dies Last”.

Hope Dies Last is based in Budapest, before 2014 they were based in Germany for five years.  While in transit off a flight, Amy walked through a red light district, in Frankfurt. She “never expecting to see such depravity in the heart of Europe”.

Instead of shying away from the addicts openly injecting themselves and the women dressed in next to nothing. She decided to help, with the Hope Dies Last team.

“We [the team] see a real need to get out there on the streets”.  They have joined with other organisations to create resources that work to counteract “red light activities” mainly trafficking and prostitution. “We just started serving in any way we could”.

Hope Dies Last has become a media, graphic design and content force for social change. “We developed an 186 page book in six languages; with modern gospel translations, hotline numbers, letters and testimony, photography and illustrations. With the generosity of supporters we were able to give it to organisations to distribute within red light districts.”


Amy’s Team a photo from “our most recent trip to Russia filming a mini-documentary on a former trafficker. The inside one we are interviewing a woman who worked as a prostitute and the other one is outside a brothel that became a church in a small town in Russia.”

Their organisation shows the social change possible using skills such as graphic design and photography. Right now, Amy says Hope Dies Last is “working hard to promote, resource and support individuals and organisations within Europe.” Mainly those who work to neutralise human trafficking and prostitution.

When asked why “Hope Dies Last?”,  Amy says the name shows that despite trafficking and prostitution being sickening they will not mean the loss of hope. This is what Amy works in the name of.

Across Europe there are very few reliable statistics about prostitution and sexual exploitation, largely because in nations such as Germany the trade is considered legal.

In one Romanian village Moldova, Amy told us there are “few to no women [living there] between the ages of 16 to 30”  The majority of these women were considered exploited or trafficked.

These realities are frightening. However what is more harrowing is the prospect of those who can, not doing anything to help those women and other individuals trapped either in this trade, or within the red light districts of Europe.

“The majority of artists who contributed to our book were under 25 and we are committed to involving young people in every aspect [of our mission]” Amy says.

You can do something, it may not be hopping on a plane to Budapest and single-handedly liberating people, yet.

Sharing this post can help. You can help. The 186 page project of Hope Dies Last is called the Book of Love, but a world of love begins with us.

Amy hits straight when she says she is “allergic” to the saying raise awareness, because she’s convinced people worldwide are aware of human trafficking.

However she and Hope Dies Last aim to “deepen people’s understanding and promote empathy.” They do this through getting out on the streets to make sure accurate facts and stories are being told when it comes to organisations speaking of trafficking, prostitution or red light districts.

Their aim is a motivating, empathetic and authentic truth, shown through design, art and resources.

Amy, a loyal and determined person, details a love for non fiction books, the ocean and her cat mug collection; all the while she also has love, for Hope Dies Last and her team. They fight a fight most in the western world, meet with silence. It is time we all banded together and brought noise, because you can do something.

Our voices go mute and our actions cease, when hope dies and Hope Dies Last.

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Featured Image: Hope Dies Last Property used with permission from Amy


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